Natalie Portman: “Superhero cinema bets on women, but it could do it even more”

Chris Hemsworth was practically a newcomer to the cinema when Thor hit the screens and the universe cinematic of Marvel (or MCU in its acronym in English) was just an embryo. In a decade, superhero movies have become the recurring asset of the movie box office and have become a social thermometer. What at first was something destined for a few insiders It has opened up to all kinds of sensitivities. “It is incredible to see how the MCU expands, so many new characters enter and above all it is committed to superheroines. They could be more, but I think it’s great that they’re coming into the world right now,” explains Portman about this paradigm shift. “There are multiple women in each movie, which should be normal, but is still unfortunately unusual,” he adds. Alongside her, Tessa Thompson takes up the also transcendental (and apparently queer) role of Valkyrie, the queen of the fictional territory of Asgard.

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Thor: Love and Thunder It is the second film in the saga that features the New Zealander Taika Waititi at the address. A choice that has given this film humor and colors unheard of in Marvel movies, and a novelty for Natalie Portman, who worked under the orders of Kenneth Branagh and Alan Taylor on previous occasions. “It was so much fun to have the opportunity to work with Taika, totally unlike anything she had ever done before,” says the actress. “He encouraged us to bring whatever we wanted, which really helps build both the comedy and the drama, to make the shots fresh every time we replayed them,” she adds. The filmmaker has been responsible for putting the superhero costume on the star, who has had to navigate a world of green screens and visual effects. “Chris helped me a lot in understanding how I had to move the hammer because in a lot of the scenes you just work with your imagination, with the air, and then they add it with CGI technology,” she explains.

The importance of this jump from Portman to the side of the comic warriors was also seen a few days ago. During the premiere of the film in Los Angeles, the actress was photographed with a little girl who came dressed exactly like her character. “When I was little there was exactly one superheroine and now there are many others, so you can choose your favorite for their ways of being and not just for their gender. I think it’s a wonderful moment and it opens up a lot of possibilities for girls.“, Explain. After this premiere, Portman will return to auteur cinema. The actress is already preparing the shooting of May Decemberthe next film by Todd Haynes and a project in which he will share scenes with Julianne Moore. “What I usually look for in my work is the opportunity to have new experiences. Normally it has a lot to do with the director and a way of working that I can be curious about, ”he says before this unexpected change of direction. Natalie Portman’s career is anything but predictable.

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