Israel Adesanya gets into an argument with Chris Pratt

Israel Adesanya has received a lot of criticism for his winning performance over Jared Cannonier at UFC 276, but now the middleweight champion has decided to respond. But he didn’t do it across the board, as he focused on just one person, none other than actor Chris Pratt.

Following last Saturday night’s event, Pratt sat down with the UFC broadcast crew where he gave his thoughts on the fight as Adesanya cruised to victory over Cannonier in a one-sided decision.

“I’m going to say this as humbly as possible: I’ve never been in the octagon,” Pratt said on the UFC 276 post-fight show. “I don’t know this game. I’m just an actor, but I’m a fan, man. I’m not one of those who come out and say all that talk to criticize fighters, but come on man, you have to take advantage of that promise to be so tough, that you are the best.

On Wednesday, Adesanya responded to Pratt with a social media post in which he slammed the “Thor: Love and Thunder» along with a clip from his latest film SE busca in which he hit him in the face with a computer keyboard in a scene with James McAvoy.

“Good morning,” Adesanya wrote. I am the man. You’re just a fan.”

In the aftermath of their fight, which was ultimately his fourth straight decision, Adesanya has been responding to critics who took issue with his performance, but the middleweight champion also criticized the media.

“You guys have a job to do and I’m not criticizing you in particular, in a way I am, but remember I can do your job,” Adesanya said. “You will never be able to do my job. Just remember that. I appreciate you for what you do, but not only for me but for other fighters, be mindful of your words. Be careful how you clickbait. That shit is weak.”

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