Instagram down, what doesn’t work in Italy

Yet problems for Instagram. As reported by the well-known Down Detector website, thousands of users throughout Europe have been experiencing problems with the use of the app for hours. In particular, the login does not work, there are some difficulties in all services and messages are not sent: or rather, once sent then they disappear.

Independent outage monitoring has seen a spike in Instagram down reports that is started around 4pm yesterday Tuesday 5th July in the UK. Instagram down reports started coming in around the same time that Down Detector recorded problems even with Facebook Messenger.

According to the detector map, in Italy the most affected areas are Milan, Turin, Bologna, Rome, Naples and Bari. Social sharing started immediately, where there was no shortage of memes that joke about the malfunction of Instagram.

Complicated moment for the social platform, which in recent weeks he had registered a heavy down which did not allow the correct visualization of the stories, the control of the reactions to the polls and the use of the camera.

Giorgia Soleri’s controversy and insurance in case of hacking

And days when the app ended up in the middle of a super media controversy with the girlfriend of Damiano dei Maneskin, Giorgia Soleri.

After the umpteenth censorship received from Instagram for a photo of her due to the “violation of the guidelines on grooming of adults”, Giorgia Soleri decided to challenge the rules and share with her 651 thousand followers a shot that portrayed her on a topless beach bed, with her hands covering her nipples. The image had been removed for its content. “Instagram, I’m a capricorn, we can go on forever”, wrote Giorgia in the caption.

These days there is also talk of a rather recent novelty connected to the app: it is one special insurance for those who have their profile hacked.

Of course it is particularly useful for those who use Instagram for work, for those who have managed to become an influencer, passing from a simple user to a business creator. The idea of ​​insurance came to an Israeli startup, Notchwhich already raised 7 million dollars during the first round of funding.

Who are the most followed in the world on Instagram

Instagram today counts something like 1.074 billion monthly active users worldwide. According to the updated ranking, the most followed person in the world on IG is Cristiano Ronaldo, with more than 400 million followers. The second top influencer is Kim Kardashian’s sister, Kylie Jennerwhich has 320 million followers.

As for the Italians, the new number one is Khaby Lame with over 73 million followers: the boy from the province of Turin, Senegalese by origin, is the undisputed king in the world on TikTok, having overtaken Charli D’Amelio. with over 140 million followers.

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