How to make an Iron Golem and what it is for in Minecraft

We must safeguard our towns in Minecraft, some towns that will be attacked by other enemies and that can destroy many of our efforts, and although we can choose certain traps to protect ourselves, perhaps the best option is the Iron Golem.

And it is that thanks to the Iron Golem we can defend an entire town and also all its inhabitants, a kind of guards with great strength that will kill any enemy that tries to enter our area.

good thing about these Iron Golem in Minecraft is that we can make them, quite simply, without having to find very rare ingredients, so we can even end up creating a good army.


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How to make an Iron Golem in Minecraft and what it is for

The good thing is that to make an Iron Golem we don’t need to use a workbench, and we just have to place blocks in a specific way.

The ingredients we need to create an Iron Golem are four iron blocks and a pumpkin. Note that the Java edition must be a carved pumpkin or a regular pumpkin.

minecraft iron golem

For the iron block theme, each would be made up of nine iron ingots on a workbench.

We just have to place the iron blocks in a T-shape and then place the pumpkin in the upper center.

As we said, the Iron Golems protect all the villagers and any structure in our village. Once we create one, it will slowly wander to the nearest town, and stay patrolling the area.

If the Iron Golem takes damage, we can heal it using an iron ingot.

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