Doctor records TikTok after a patient died

TikTok It has become a social network that offers all kinds of content to its users and has managed to ‘capture’ users significantly. There it is possible to see all kinds of videos, from some of pets that cause laughter, dances and choreography. However, there they also upload content that is not always well received by network users.

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That was the case of a doctor in the United States, who wanted to share the feeling she gets when a patient of hers dies. The doctor uploaded a video in which she recorded herself trying to wake up after that situation.

In the recording, which already has more than 11 million views in the version they shared on Twitter, the doctor is seen holding her head and lamenting.

“I lost a patient today. Shake yourself off because there are five hours of work left,” he writes in the video.

However, Internet users have criticized her, considering that if she was so concerned about the situation, she would not start recording and producing a video, so they question her trying to gain followers with such a situation.

“If I die in your hospital make me a trend with dance”, “Doctors, if I die on you, please don’t record videos like this,” are just some of the comments.

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