Did Amber Heard become OnlyFans to pay her debt to Johnny Depp?

Amber Heard has consistently grabbed headlines these last few weeks after his recent loss against Johnny Depp in the defamation trial.

This has given rise to several reports about his financial problems. A TikTok user spread the rumors that the interpreter created an account on onlyfans.

Amber Heard has done the impossible,” user meachreacts21 revealed in a TikTok video that reached 12 million views before being removed.

“He started an account on OF (OnlyFans) and guess what the price of the subscription is? 6 million dollars. Guess also who supports this initiative?!Travis Scott!” the user commented.

Is it true that Amber Heard has an OnlyFans account?

Responding to these statements, the medium Newsweek initiated an investigation to verify the facts and defined as something satirical the one that Amber Heard an account was created in onlyfans.

“The ‘Aquaman’ star has never publicly announced that he has joined the growing list of celebrities who have opened an account on onlyfans“, declared the aforementioned medium.

They also provide more information about this fact: “In the TikTok video that makes the claim, it was clear that the page of onlyfans shown was not affiliated in any way with Heard.”

Newsweek downplays the seriousness of this user’s statements: “The tone of the video of TikTok it appears to be somewhat satirical in nature, suggesting that the uploader did not seriously present the claims as fact.

Newsweek was able to confirm that there is no information about Amber Heard related with onlyfans on other platforms like Twitter, Instagram or Reedit.

And they conclude with this statement: “Without a known account of onlyfans publicly affiliated with Amber HeardOf course, there is no Scott to serve as his alleged $6 million underwriter.”

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