Cristiano Ronaldo, decision taken: the announcement displaces the fans

Cristiano Ronaldo, decision taken: the announcement displaces the fans. The Portuguese champion has not yet found a new team for next season

It is the sign of the times, of an economic crisis that continues to erode resources and revenues from the entire football system. And that also affects the policy of engagements: it follows that a champion like Cristiano Ronaldoat 37 years of age, can’t find a new team for next season.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Ansa)

The star of Funchal has decided to close his new adventure in Manchester United. The return to the Red Devils proved to be disappointing, definitely below expectations, both for the player and for the prestigious English club.

But now comes the difficult: Cristiano Ronaldo he is in fact discovering how difficult it is to find a club that has the desire and the possibilities to satisfy his requests for recruitment. And above all that she agrees to take charge of her Hollywood star needs.

And so, the exploratory contacts with some of the main clubs in Europe have not produced the desired results. The Chelseawho has recently changed ownership, prefers not to embark on such a costly investment.

The same Barcelona, ​​met by Jorge Mendes a few days ago, he seems to have slipped away. President The door in fact, he illustrated to Ronaldo’s agent the current economic difficulties experienced by the blaugrana club.

Cristiano Ronaldo, no offer: the big names slip away

Ronaldo (Ansa)

Anything Chelsea and nothing Barcelona. Other more or less imaginative hypotheses, see Rome or Naples, are not practicable for various reasons. The last big player in Europe potentially interested in hiring the Lusitanian phenomenon is the Bayern Monacoaccording to some rumors spread by the Spanish press.

But a few hours ago the Bavarian club also took a step back, taking a clear and unambiguous position. The CEO, the former goalkeeper Oliver Khanhas in fact ruled out the arrival of Ronaldo in Germany.

I have the utmost respect for a champion like Cristiano Ronaldo, he is a truly extraordinary footballer. But his parameters are not in line with the philosophy of our companyto”.

Goodbye Bayern, no ifs and buts. And the question at this point becomes even more pressing: where will Cristiano Ronaldo play next year?

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