Children will be able to enjoy The Origin of Ice and Roblox 2

For both proposals, sponsored by UNO Benefits, tickets can be purchased at the box office at a value of 1,500 pesos for the gathering, 1,700 for the upper boxes and 1,800 for the stalls and lower boxes.

In principle, the musical show El Origen del Hielo takes a tour of favorite songs with the two sisters Elsa and Ana and their snowman friend. In this way, the work takes place in an enchanted forest, to discover the truth, the queen’s past and to know the reason for her powers. But not everyone likes happy endings, so surprise villains await them as well, who come to ruin all the fun with their misdeeds and try to take over our favorite snowman.

One of the members of the stable cast, Duby Ávila provided details to Stage about the proposals and remarked in principle that they have already been last year at the Teatro 3 de Febrero.

In relation to The Origin of Ice, the actor explained: “In this story, Elsa who knows about her past and her origin because she sees as something bad the fact of having the power to freeze. To find out this, he begins a journey.” In the end the sisters meet again and the story is linked to another. That’s where the character of Cruella de Vil comes in.” In this way, the emotional climate at the beginning of the work changes completely with the closing.

For its part, Roblox 2 “is our first work created and written by us,” Ávila said. This proposes an adventure to enter the incredible world of your favorite video games. There Gary escapes from his game and gets trapped in the darkest Play Time toy store. You will have to complete many missions together with your friends Lina, Alex, and Marshmello, you have to be very careful, work as a team, choose the correct doors and complete the different missions behind each door, but be careful when choosing, not all doors have missions, if they choose the wrong one they will fall into the hands of Huggy Buggy and be trapped forever in the toy store.

In this second part of this incredible play, a success in every theater in the country, the kids will be able to dance and enjoy the latest technology, LED screens and much more.

The cast performed Roblox 1 functions throughout the past year and it was a success. “That’s why we decided to do the second part,” Ávila said and reviewed what the previous work was about: “In Roblox 1, there are three friends who end up entering the Roblox video game due to a virtual virus. And there they find out that they have to carry out missions to be able to go out into the real world, otherwise they will be trapped. Added to this is the addition of a participant who will help them. And being a quartet, they must discover which member is an impostor.” In the second installment Gary instead of going back to the game he decides to travel the world of all the other games and gets stuck in Huggy Buggy, and a new competition starts.

Finally, Ávila remarked that the entire cast is made up of trained artists who seek to give messages according to the age of the boys. “For us it is a very big responsibility and we try to convey messages of friendship and companionship,” she concluded.

along the coast

The tour of both works is scheduled to perform on Friday at the Municipal Theater of Gualeguaychú, on Saturday at the Scelzi Municipal Auditorium in Concepción del Uruguay, on Sunday it is Paraná’s turn, and they continue on Monday at the Berisso Theater in Villaguay, Wednesday in Luz y Fuerza Theater in Santa Fe and Thursdays at the Odeón de Concordia Theater.

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