Blue Cross by Bruno Méndez

Cruz Azul does not give up with the signing of Bruno Méndez for him Opening 2022because after the first refusals he had from Corinthiansthe cement directive I know stand firm in negotiations to try to convince the Brazilians to give way to the uruguayan centralso they would expect the final answer in the next few hours.

And it is that the 22 year old footballer was requested directly from new light blue coach and his compatriot, Diego Aguirre, whom he has already known since he began his career in Montevideo, so Machine increased his efforts and there would be improved on a couple of occasions the figure that initially would have made the Timao to try to comply with the helmsman’s request.

Here we leave you the chronology how they are progressing Cruz Azul negotiations by Bruno Méndez.

Jaime Ordiales accepted: “It’s complicated”

The sports director of Cruz Azul, Jaime Ordiales, spoke about the signing of Bruno Méndez after Corinthians will advance to the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores and recognized that the Negotiations for the central defender have been complicatedHowever, he assured that as of today they are still trying to incorporate him into the squad.

It’s complicated, he’s an international player, of a team that is difficult to negotiate, with Corinthians, we have been trying to do it for seven or eight days now and it’s been complicated, but we are trying“, declared the executive in an interview for TUDN, at the end of the Round of 16 match between Timao and Boca Juniors.

July 6: Negotiations continue

Despite Corinthians’ pass to the quarterfinals in the Copa Libertadores further complicated the signing of Bruno Mendez, the latest reports from Brazil indicated that the negotiations are not over yet, well until now Cruz Azul has not received the definitive answer by the Brazilian team.

July 5: Corinthians advanced in Copa Libertadores

the hope of Cruz Azul so that Corinthians could release Bruno Méndez pointed to the Libertadores Cupbecause in the event that the Brazilian team were eliminated from the tournament, they would no longer have a double competition and with this the possibilities of would come off of another of his centralnot needing such a large campus.

However, the Timao signed the surprise of the night in The Bombonera by winning the penalty shootout Boca Juniorsso they advanced to the Quarterfinals. The central charrúa did not start as a starter and was not even considered as a replacement for the central defender Joao Victorwho left the field injured before the end of the first half, because Méndez entered until minute 73bringing the coach Vitor Pereira made it clear that he is not so indispensable in his team.

July 5: His representative offers Bruno Méndez to Tigres

This Tuesday afternoon, the social networks were shocked to learn of the news from Bruno Mendez, just a few hours after he disputed the Libertadores Cup against Boca Juniors, as it transpired that Tigres had joined the dispute over his letter in view of Corinthians.

However, what really would have happened is that it was his own representative who would have offered the Uruguayan central to the royal complex, with the hidden objective of make the player’s file even more expensive and with it put pressure on Cruz Azul to further increase the quantity that it offered a few days ago.

July 5: Bruno Méndez plays Copa Libertadores

This Tuesday was a key day to define the future of Bruno Méndezwell Go Blue could know that it will be only until after the Second Leg match of the Copa Libertadores Round of 16, versus Boca Juniorswhen the Corinthians will give you an answer to Blue Cross behind the third proposal made last week by your player.

The Timao faced the Xeneize in search of the ticket to the Quarterfinals, from the field of The Bomboneraafter the goalless draw he signed in Brazil, and for which came back in exchange the footballer wanted by Machine, Well, despite all the casualties that the Brazilians present did not start as a starter.

July 4: Bruno Méndez travels to Argentina

Bruno Méndez is one of the footballers considered by Corinthians for confront Boca Juniors this Tuesday at La Bombonera in the definition of the key in the Copa Libertadores, so it will be once the meeting is over when the Brazilian squad makes a decision about its soccer playerbecause if they were eliminated they would grow the chances that you can release it.

The Uruguayan defender arrived from the Monday, July 4 in the afternoon to Buenos Aires with the Brazilian contingent to stay in Madero Portwhere neither the juvenile nor his companions had a very good time at dawn, since Boca Juniors fans were in charge of launching fireworks outside the concentration hotel.

July 4: Benfica buys central defender from Corinthians

When everything seemed that the negotiation was heading towards a good port, an unexpected operation of Benfica would put at risk the departure of Bruno Méndez from Corinthiansbecause after confirming the sale of another central defender, Joao Victor, to the Portuguese team, Go Blue could know that in the environment of the Timao they would already be rethinking the departure of the Uruguayan, because the departure of the Brazilian defender would leave the albinegra defense unprotectedso then they would analyze to cover the loss with the Uruguayan.

July 1: Cruz Azul makes third offer for Bruno Méndez

According to information from ESPN, the third offer from Cruz Azul for Bruno Méndezwith which he improved the initial figures, would have been for an amount barely a little less than 4 million dollarsand why the celestial directive intends to take over 70 percent or more of the rights of the Uruguayan centralhowever, this figure would still be below what they intend Corinthians.

The amount that Corinthians asks for Bruno Méndez

As reported by variouss brazilian media, the Timao expect to receive an amount greater than $6 million for 50 percentor just a little more, from the juvenile’s letter for a future sale, for which he rejected the first two offers made by La Maquina and is still analyzing the third.

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