Balenciaga full of stars Paris

Carlos Santana faints in full concert

the mexican guitarist Carlos Santana passed out in the middle of the concert this Tuesday in an outdoor auditorium in Michigan (United States). The musician had been in concert for about 40 minutes at the Pine Knob Music Theater in Clarkston, northwest of Detroit, when he fainted and He had to receive medical attention on the spot.

About twenty minutes later, the artist was removed from the stage on a stretcher, a moment that was captured by the phones of the attendees, who shared them on social networks and in them Santana could be seen waving.

Heidi Klum reveals her secret ability

The Heidi Klum model It has left everyone with their mouths open. The presenter went to the late show, the Stephen Colbert show, and revealed his curious and secret talent. “I can make it not sweat from the face. I sweat a lot where you can’t see. I tell myself ‘Don’t sweat on your face now’ because I don’t want to have a shiny face,” revealed the former Victoria’s Secret angel.

Heidi Klum in 'The Late Show'

Heidi Klum in ‘The late show’ / INSTAGRAM

The retouches of the infanta Cristina

Seven months later, the daughter of Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía leaves behind the seven most complicated months of her life. and she does it with a makeover and a totally rejuvenated look. Doña Cristina appeared has been removed nose wart, has botox and hyaluronic acid, He has cut his hair and has signed up for the gym.

'Readings' publishes the image of the infanta Cristina after retouching her face / READINGS

‘Readings’ publishes the image of the infanta Cristina after retouching her face / READINGS

Quentin Tarantino is already the father of his second child

Director Quentin Tarantino And his wife Daniella Pickhave been parents of their second child. His representative told the magazine People with a brief writing: “Daniella and Quentin Tarantino are happy to announce that Daniella gave birth to her baby on July 2, 2022, a little sister for Leo, his first son.” The news of the pregnancy broke last February, when the US media reported that Tarantino, 59, was expecting another child with the singer.

Director Quentin Tarantino

Director Quentin Tarantino / EP

Rosalía opens her world tour in Almería

Rosalia starts this Wednesday July 6 in Almería its Motomami World Tourthe world tour with which will tour 16 countries and 10 cities in Spain. The artist from Sant Esteve Sesrovires invited some of her followers to her rehearsals before the big premiere and some of the songs that the Grammy winner will perform at her concerts have already been leaked.

the interpreter who will present at last hurt me, one of the songs that the singer had not yet shown live. The Show will start with Saoko, Candy, Biscuit Y Fame, all from their latest album. but then also will leave room to remember his two previous jobs with You don’t get out of here, I think of you look Y badlyof The bad want Y Silver, of The Angels. It will also present other unreleased songs, such as Isolation Y Money and Freedom and leave room for your more commercial topics: with height, Me x you, you x me Y Last night’s night.

Halsey talks about her three interrupted pregnancies

Singer haley has shared one of his most intimate experiences to stand in favor of abortion after the repeal of the abortion law in the United States. The artist was a mother last year, but she has revealed that she suffered three abortions before the arrival of her son: two spontaneous Y the third provoked.

“Many people have asked me if, after giving birth after so many years fighting for it, I have reconsidered my position on abortion,” he says in the magazine Vogue. “My abortion saved my life and allowed my son to have his own. Everyone deserves the right to choose when and how to go through this dangerous, life-changing experience. I will hold my son with one arm and fight as hard as I can with the other.”

Halsey the singer

Singer Halsey / EP

The incredible change of Falete

Falete has surprised everyone with a radical change of look. And it is not about any cosmetic touch-up or anything like that. The artist has lost, nothing more and nothing less, than 30 kilos.

According to himself in various interviews, this transformation began in 2020, even before the pandemic. For this, three elements have been key: the help of a nutritionista Gastric balloon Y healthy food. In that same order.

The physical change of Falete / REDES

The physical change of Falete / REDES

Prince Harry, more American than ever

The Duke of Sussex and his wife, Meghan Markle, moved to the United States years ago, where she is from. The British has not had many problems adaptation looks comfortable, so much so that this Monday they attended the festivities of the July 4th. Some images that have been brought to light and show once again how adapted it is.

Prince Harry / INSTAGRAM

Prince Harry / INSTAGRAM

New controversy over the trip of the Dukes of Cambridge to the Caribbean

If Kate Middleton and Prince William had a most controversial trip to the Caribbean member countries of the commonwealthwhere they experienced strong moments of rejection, has now become known new scandal: the cost of the tour. In total, the British crown has disbursed 226,383 pounds sterling, that is €264,000.

Kate Middleton and Prince William / EP

Kate Middleton and Prince William / EP

Chanel, protagonist of the proclamation of the Pride of Madrid

The singer has been in charge of kicking off the LGTBIQ+ Pride festivities in Madrid. She has done it wearing a dress with the colors of the flag of the collective and with a message of denunciation by the bullying and the harassment suffered by her and other minorities. She has done it because she, she confesses, that she herself was victim and you can’t forget it. Of course, she has come out stronger still, she asserts.

The singer Chanel RTVE

The singer Chanel RTVE

Elena Furiase gives birth to her second daughter

Lolita’s daughter has been a mother for the second time. She and her husband Gonzalo Sierrahave welcomed their daughter Nala, who was born this past July 4, but whose ad public has not occurred until this Wednesday.

On the 4th of July our baby girl was born so pretty…Nah. Thank you for your messages… we are happy!! We are already 4…”, they reveal in their networks.

Message from Elena Furiase / INSTAGRAM

Message from Elena Furiase / INSTAGRAM

Rain of stars at the Balenciaga fashion show

Paris Fashion Week is the place for the stars. the parade of Balenciaga it has proven so. Nicole Kidman, Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid or Dua Lipa were some of the celebrities who were seen not only with the firm’s masks but with some of their clothes.

Singer Dua Lipa / BALENCIAGA

Singer Dua Lipa BALENCIAGA

Actress Nicole Kidman / BALENCIAGA

Actress Nicole Kidman / BALENCIAGA

The model Naomi Campbell / BALENCIAGA

The model Naomi Campbell BALENCIAGA

The 'influencer' Kim Kardashian / BALENCIAGA

The ‘influencer’ Kim Kardashian / BALENCIAGA

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