Baby Hair teaches how to transform an imperfection into a strength

You can add something extra to the look thanks to baby hair: some ideas to enhance them to the fullest. and make them a highlight of any hairstyle.

Making a virtue out of necessity is a valuable teaching in all fields. And turning the fine fuzz surrounding your forehead into a trendy hairstyling can be a good example. Yes, because i baby hair – that’s what they’re called the thin and short short hair surrounding the hairline on the forehead – they are not loved by everyone. Still, they can become a very interesting coiffure detail if well exploited. Their function is to absorb the sweat of the forehead and protect the face from external agents, but they can become real weapons of seduction and embellish our hairlook. Let’s find out their history together and how they can become strengths for our hairstyles.

The legacy of Baby Hair comes from afar

A hair look that actually has distant roots. We can affirm that the attention to baby hair has been part of the Afro culture for a long time, in fact we remember the magnetic Josephine Baker who made her “tirabaci” a distinctive and highly seductive sign.

They then became increasingly popular even among whites thanks to the influence of fashion and celebs who have consecrated them to fashion detail.

Taking examples of the present day, FKA Twigs has worn them on more than one occasion combined with very different outfits.

Also J Lo she has often paid homage to her afro roots with refined and prominent baby hair.

And among the new generation celebs could not miss the very stylish Zendaya.

Not to mention Alicia Keys who combined them with jewel weaves.

Natural Baby Hair

Despite the global recognition of baby hair, not everyone appreciates them in their look, some treat them with cordiality but without easy enthusiasm. In this case, the solution to tame them lies in restoring a composed and discreet appearance, leaving the baby hair mostly aligned to the hairline to notice them as little as possible.

Creating waves with i Baby Hair

Greater satisfaction can give when baby hair is used to create small waves that decorate the forehead, more or less pronounced. Perfect for a wet look, but not only.

Baby Hair combined with crop

An equally frequent solution is to combine baby hair with a few parade strands of a crop with a central line, leaving them in evidence but natural, or in the shape of a wave.

Baby Hair in cobweb

Absolutely contemporary and avant-gard is the most emphasized interpretation of the wave, which creates graphics on the face, almost like cobwebs of hair.

How to manage baby hair

Since they are very short and dense, it is toothbrush or eyebrow brush it is the right tool to collect all the baby hair of the hairline, adding the support of a texturizing gel to be able to shape and keep them in shape for a long time.

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