Amber Heard requests annulment of the trial against Johnny Depp

The actress’s lawyers Amber Heard They have asked the American justice system to annul the sentence that was imposed on her in the defamation trial of her ex-husband. Johnny Depp and order the celebration of a new processlocal media report.

According to the appeal filed by the actress’s legal team before the court of Fairfaxin Virginiaon July 1, the actress’s lawyers affirm that the recognized damages to Depp for publishing an article in which Heard said, without citing her ex-husbandhaving been subjected to sexual violence were excessive and not supported by the evidence at trial.

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They also accuse the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean (Pirates of the Caribbean) of failing to meet the legal requirements to show actual malicious intent, as the evidence supported Heard’s belief that she was a “victim of abuse at the hands of Mr. Depp”.

Both stars of Hollywood were found liable for defamation against each other at trial last month, but the jury awarded damages of $10.3 million in damages to Depp and only of 2 million to Heard.

The lawyers of Heard also claim that Depp and his team could not prove that he had suffered financial damages. or real reputation as a result of Heard’s op-ed in the newspaper The Washington Post, which was the basis on which the case was sustained.

Furthermore, the legal team maintains that there were errors in the information about some of the members of the jury who acted on the hearing.

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The 15th juror appears to have been born in 1970, not 1945, say his lawyers, who question whether the jury was properly vetted or qualified to act as such.

Sentence issued unanimously by the jury on July 1 He maintains that three sentences written by Heard in his opinion article published in 2018 by The Washington Post newspaper defamed him, although also the actor once defamed his ex-wife.

The jury of one of thes most mediatic trials in the country in recent yearsafter three days of deliberations, considered that these three statements were false and were written with the aim of defaming the famous actor, despite the fact that the column did not mention Depp’s name at any time.

The actor asked his ex-partner for 50 million dollars in damagesalthough finally the actress will have to pay 10,350,000 compensation.

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For her part, Heard responded with a countersuit in which he alleged that the actor had promoted a defamation campaign against him and demanded 100 million.

On the counterclaim, the jury found that Depp once defamed the actress and Depp shall pay him $2 million as compensation.

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