Actress who worked with Leonardo DiCaprio calls him “stinky”

“Romeo and Juliet”, the story of two lovers who suffer because their families prevent them from being together, led a young Leonardo DiCaprio to be considered one of the most outstanding actors in Hollywood and although 26 years have passed since its premiere, this It has not prevented him from continuing to give what to talk about.

But far from remembering DiCaprio’s great performance, it is a painful anecdote that is making the tape and the actor become a trend in social networks.

Recently, one of the actresses who worked with the award-winning actor, Miriam Margolyes, revealed that during the filming of the film, Leo stood out for everything, except for being one of the cleanest in the cast, he even accused him of having a rather unpleasant.

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Margolyes, who gave life to Julieta’s nanny, was a guest on the “This Morning” program where she recalled her participation in the film and DiCaprio’s smell: “It was a bit smelly because it was very hot in Mexico,” she said. Although she immediately tried to compose her statement and attributed the situation to the actor’s young age: “The boys … and he was very young at the time … they don’t get fragrant,” she added.

The actress gave life to Julieta’s nanny Photo: File

However, this is not the first time that the protagonist of “Titanic” is singled out for his lack of personal hygiene, he himself has revealed on several occasions that as a contribution to the planet he only bathes twice a week, in addition to who does not use deodorant because he considers it harmful to nature.

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