Shakira, after Piqué, has a new boyfriend: who is the singer’s new love? Here is the whole truth

Shakira and Piqué have now broken up permanently and the singer could have a new boyfriend. But it’s true?

The end of the marriage between Shakira and Piqué does not stop arguing; some rumors would see the singer already engaged with a new boyfriend. But it’s true?

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Does Shakira have a new boyfriend after Piqué?

Shakira and Piqué have now broken up; it was the people directly concerned who asked for the utmost respect for their pain, especially for their children. The couple apparently broke out due to some betrayal by him. In these days, however, the gossip about a new alleged boyfriend of the singer goes crazy on the web: Shakira has decided to enjoy a relaxing holiday with her children Milan and Sasha and it seems that with them there was also a charming boy, unknown to the general public.

The photos

Some Spanish magazines have published photos of Shakira and her alleged new boyfriend surfing together, but are we sure that’s really the case? To fans of the singer it seems strange that has already thrown herself into another man’s arms, given the fresh divorce from Piqué. In fact, then, the shots reported by the Iberian newspapers frame only the artist together with his children; here is an example below:

shakira sons surfing

The shots

Shakira, however, has not confirmed or denied any rumors.


Actually Shakira and Piqué they never got married, but after their breakup they are still forced to find an agreement for the management of the children. It seems that this hypothesis, however, is difficult to reach: the singer would like to return to live in Miami and take the children with her, but her former partner it is contrary. What will happen now? We will find out soon!

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