Ricky Martin was accused of domestic violence

Not all is good news for Ricky Martin, because the Puerto Rican singer is currently facing an accusation of “domestic violence.” There is still no clear information about the person who filed it, but on the ‘island’ they already say that it comes from a relative.

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After these accusations, his work team quickly came out to deny them, but his brother, Eric, made a live in which he would have left between the lines that the one who accused the singer was a nephew of theirs, who apparently had mental problems.

I do not put my hand on the hot table for anyone. What I am talking about is my experiences, my family experiences. I don’t think my older brother is capable, Eric said through his live video.

In addition, Eric assured that he has tried to contact his nephew by phone or through social networks, but this one has blocked a large part of the family. It should be noted that all these are speculations by the singer’s brother, since Martin himself has not yet made an official statement.

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These were the statements of his work team. For much of the press specialized in show business and entertainment, these were very “brief”, because they want to know what else happened and where they came from.

Other celebrities accused of domestic violence

It is valid to highlight that Ricky Martin has not been the only famous person who has been accused of intra-family or domestic violence, since a few months ago the world witnessed one of the most notorious cases in history, which was that of Johnny Depp and Amber Heardwhich in the end was decided in favor of the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean.

A case that was highly publicized in Hollywood was that of Nicolas Cage, who in 2011 was arrested for domestic assault and disorderly conduct. The actor would have pushed his wife out of a tattoo shop, in addition to hitting countless cars that were around the place.

Charlie Sheen, famous for his role in Two and a half men, also had his problems with the United States law for a misdemeanor of domestic abuse, which led him to be sentenced to 30 days in a rehabilitation center in California. ; plus another 30 in a parole facility.

Another case that became very famous at the beginning of the 2010s was that of Mel Gibson, who had to be arrested for violence against his then wife: Oksana Grigorieva, highlighting that he already had a police record, since in 2006 he had already been held for drunk driving and disorderly conduct.

Everything seems to indicate that this type of case also touches movie stars and celebrities worldwide, and that what happened to Amber and Johnny Depp is not part of a coincidence, Well, in addition to those already mentioned, we have seen how characters of the stature of Chris Brown, Sean Penn, Emma Roberts, Mike Tyson, Cristian Castro, among others, have had problems of this nature.

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