Ravezzani blurts out: “Cristiano Ronaldo a selfish tick. He ruined Juventus”

Giuseppe Biscotti5 JUL 2022 10:54

In the Top Calcio 24 broadcast, the director of Telelombardia, Fabio Ravezzani, launched a tough attack on Cristiano Ronaldo.

He spoke to the microphones of Soccer Top 24 on Telelombardia, Fabio Ravezzani he became the protagonist of a long outburst against Cristiano Ronaldo reported in full from the site Ilpallonegonparmi.it: “The Portuguese is a mint of a football team. He is someone who sticks his head into the team, takes the blood, swells and then leaves it anemic and goes somewhere else. He did so with Juventus. and he did so with Manchester United. Besides, we must tell the truth: if in the last four years they have served more to illustrate the career and the myth of Cristiano Ronaldo which is the only thing that interests him “.

“Let’s not forget that we are dealing with egolatra who thinks she is the navel of the world, surrounded by mothers and sisters who say that it was God who made him win this etc. that God is offended because they did not give him the Ball of ‘ Gold and who was the victim of a conspiracy ” added the director of Telelombardia.

“This has led Juventus to have the worst three years in its history of the last 10 years in terms of results and United, who came from an excellent season to have a disastrous season. What does he do then? He never takes the responsibility to say ‘if the team went badly, it’s my fault too, let’s all try to recover ” continued the well-known journalist.

“This is the photograph of this extraordinary but selfish footballer. He does not realize that at a certain age he cannot do his own good and that of the team, but only of himself” concluded Ravezzani.

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