Love and Thunder’ will be Marvel’s gayest movie

Now that the most homophobic elements of society are willing to make a mess of it over an animated kiss between two happily married women, anyone knows which one they will be able to mount with Thor: Love and Thunder. To get started, Natalie Portmann, returning to his role Jane Foster on tape, has confirmed that this will be the gayest movie ever Marvel till the date.

In an interview with youtuber Andrew Freund (via The Direct), the Israeli diva is delighted with that reading of the film. And not only that, but she assures that Taika Waititi is being faithful to the original material by filling the new adventure of the God of Thunder with camp (Chris Hemsworth).

“That’s in comic book canon,” Portman replies when asked if love and thunder will show her “flying over the rainbow” (ie over the Bifrost Bridge). “I think that’s where it all started, and it’s pretty true to the source, really,” she adds.

With so many deities showing muscles, so many villains and heroines wearing great design models jack kirby and so much Loki behaving like a diva, Thor’s adventures have always had a kitsch point very akin to the LGBT sector of the fandom. Something that has recently reminded us Ms Marvel with that t-shirt Asgard Pride what does he like so much Kamala Khan.

Still, to earn that medal, love and thunder will have to respond to elements that were blurred in Thor: Ragnarok. Mainly in regards to Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), a character whose sapphic nature was hardly seen in said film, being reduced to a moment of flashback and explanations a posteriori.

Will we see the shield maiden requebrando laszas as Odin commands? Will Jane Foster become a marvelite diva at the height of Scarlet Witch either black widow after wielding the hammer Mjölnir? We will only know after the premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder the July 8. And if Portman is telling the truth, we better prepare for the storm…

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