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The director of the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ trilogy exploded against a Twitter user, who asked for the replacement of Chris Pratt in the MCU.

There isn’t a year that Chris Pratt isn’t in the eye of the storm. Although the actor has done his best to behave well, his fame precedes him and the fandom does not forget that he has been linked to one of the churches that is openly against the LGBTTTQIA + community. Now, it’s James Gunn who jumps to his defense when a fan calls for him to be replaced in the MCU.

A few days ago the user @themeghanlodon posted on her Twitter profile an image comparing Chris Pratt’s physique to Patrick Wilson’sstar of blockbusters such as The spell Y Watchmen, the vigilantes. The edited photograph was accompanied by a “Marvel. Listen to me. Just…replace it.” [a Pratt]”.

Chris Pratt isn’t exactly Hollywood’s most beloved celebrity…

The tweet was published on April 23 and received 200,000 likes from the Internet community, but it was two days later that James Gunn’s crude and blunt response arrived, who has been a Pratt collaborator for many years now. The filmmaker, who was behind peacemaker Y suicide squadHe defended his friend.

So that? Because of your invented and completely false beliefs about him? Because of something someone else told you about him that isn’t true? Chris Pratt would never be replaced as Star-Lord, but if he ever was, we’d all go with him.

It is important to mention that Pratt has been involved in all kinds of controversies for years, when it was discovered that he was part of the Hillsong Church, which is against the LGBTQ + community. The actor was also severely criticized after thanking his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger for giving him a “healthy daughter,” the words are significant given the fact that his first child with Anna Faris was premature and had a brain hemorrhage.

Plus, there’s the fact that his character in Guardians of the Galaxy is bisexual and different personalities have raised their voices against Marvel’s decisions, because the representation through an actor who is against the community does not seem correct; one of those who complained was Elliot Page.

Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3 will have its theatrical release soon, however, we were able to see Star-Lord in the first trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder, where there is speculation about a possible relationship between Pratt’s character and the God of Thunder.

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