“I was surprised”: Christian Horner thought I knew why Carlos Sainz took the glory at Silverstone

After a tumultuous race, Carlos Sainz He achieved his first victory in Formula 1 at the British Grand Prix. The controversies were not lacking in one of the most mythical circuits of the highest category of motorsport and the repercussions of the accidents and the different team strategies still continue. In that sense, the Red Bull Racing team leader gave his opinion on the Spanish race.

Many Ferrari fans lashed out at the Italian team for prioritizing Carlos Sainz and not sending both drivers to change tires to soft when there was a possibility. The safety car caused by Esteban Ocon gave Chili the chance to go to the pits and that was essential for his victory. However, Binotto did not do the same with Leclerc and there have been several races in which the Monegasque has been harmed by the Prancing Horse.

It is Sainz’s first victory after 150 races.

Christian Horner, the Red Bull Racing team manager, expressed himself along these lines. The Briton hinted that if Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes made another decision, they would have snatched victory from Carlos Sainz and the 44 stayed with the victory at home.

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