“He made a mistake”: Christian Horner’s new revelation that Max Verstappen will not like

There is no doubt that the end of last season was a real scandal, especially because of the resolution that was taken after the yellow flag with Nicholas Latifi’s accident at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. the coronation of Max Verstappen It was given in a movie definition, in a one-lap duel with Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff’s reactions on the radio when he criticized Michael Masi’s decision to resume the race.

It must be recognized that the Dutch driver’s team was smarter than the German team by taking advantage of that moment to give him new tires that made the difference compared to the worn ones of the British. But anyway, the coronation was tainted by a controversy that Christian Horner has revived in recent hours with statements to “The Cambridge Union” regarding the race that crowned Max Verstappen at Yas Marina.

From the perspective of the Red Bull Racing boss, the race commissioner failed to allow the passing of the laggards who were between the Mercedes and the current world champion. In fact, that was one of the main complaints that there were in Mercedes, although what Horner refers to is not that it was a mistake to do it, but that it was poorly implemented because there were other drivers who also had a lap behind, but they were behind the RB16-B.

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