‘Furiosa’: Chris Hemsworth is unrecognizable in the prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road

Chris Hemsworth He is not exactly an actor who has followed in the footsteps of other artists such as Johnny Depp or Gary Oldman as far as characterization is concerned. As a general rule, whoever embodies the God of Thunder in the Marvel Cinematic Universe his face usually looks without any modification on the screen, beyond the wardrobe or a false beard to adhere to that Viking essence that his character from the House of Ideas requires. That is why the first image of Hemsworth’s character in furious has left us speechless.

Chris Hemsworth could be the villain of Furiosa

furious be the prequel to Mad Max: Fury Roaddirected by George Miller himself, who tell the origin of the character played by Charlize Theron in the successful 2015 film. As you can see, Hemsworth is quite unrecognizable considering what we told you about the characters and projects that the artist usually chooses. That red beard and false nose, however, continue to give him a series of characteristics similar to the Viking Age, which goes quite well with the perception that the general public has of him thanks to the MCU.

The tape will be starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Chris Hemsworth, Angus Sampson, Nathan Jones and Tom Burke. Hemsworth’s role is yet to be confirmed, but various rumors and theories indicate that she could play the same antagonist as furious: Dementus, who in turn must face Immortan Joe to be able to take over the Citadel to conquer one of the most important areas. Furiosa, played by the young Taylor-Joy, must try to survive in this hostile environment, surviving all kinds of challenges.

Mad Max

The film its premiere is scheduled for 2024, on May 22 specifically, so we still have to wait a long time sitting down to even see an official trailer. Miller has big plans for Mad Max.

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