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Cameron Diaz he moved away from the cinema to achieve the tranquility that being in the media spotlights took away from him. The actress, in this way, has left a prolific career where she has participated in films of various genres, such as the psychological suspense in “Vanilla Sky”, although always be remembered for comedy. Now that you have announced his return with a new moviewe recommend one of his most remembered performances.

The artist, without a doubt, he won the affection of the general public for his work in “The Mask” with Jim Carey. It was followed by hits like “Charlie’s Angels” Y “Madness of love in Las Vegas”without forgetting that she gave voice to Fiona in the unforgettable “Shrek”.

Versatile, charismatic, with a great talent for surprising the viewer, Diaz also shone in one of his highest-grossing comedies and emblematic “Crazy About Mary” (1998), the tape of Peter and Bobby Farrelly who starred alongside Ben Stiller and Lee Evans. Learn more about the fun film and where you can see it online.

Mary in pink pants, next to Warren on top of Ted, who has a black and red striped polo (Photo: 20th Century Studios)
Mary in pink pants, next to Warren on top of Ted, who has a black and red striped polo (Photo: 20th Century Studios)


The film tells how Ted Stroehmann’s luck changes radically, first in school. He has a crush on Mary Jensen, one of her most attractive girls, but thinks they have no chance of dating her or going to the prom. However, when he defends his brother Warren, Mary invites him for a walk and asks him to go to the school ceremony together..

So, Ted goes to Mary’s house to take her to the dance. However, something goes wrong: touches Warren’s ear while giving him a surprise and the situation spirals out of control. The young woman must change because her dress is ruined and Ted, exhausted, goes to the bathroom, where he suffers an embarrassing accident.

Hurt and ashamed Ted is taken to a hospital and his magical night with Mary is ruined forever.. After thirteen years, an adult Ted goes to therapy to try to delve into that moment, because he still hasn’t forgotten her crush, even though he doesn’t know anything about her in all that time.

“Crazy About Mary”in this way, leads to an inextricable romance between the protagonist and a series of suitors, which is resolved in a predictable but entertaining way, composing a parody of romantic love.

Mary in a dress and Ted in a black sweater at the protagonist's house (Photo: 20th Century Studios)
Mary in a dress and Ted in a black sweater at the protagonist’s house (Photo: 20th Century Studios)


  • Cameron Diaz as Mary Jensen
  • Matt Dillon as Pat Healy
  • Ben Stiller as Ted Stroehman
  • Lee Evans as Tucker/Norm Phipps
  • Chris Elliott as Dom “Woogie” Woganowski
  • Lin Shaye as Magda
  • Jeffrey Tambor as Sully
  • Markie Post as Sheila Jensen
  • Keith David as Charlie
  • W. Earl Brown as Warren Jensen
  • Sarah Silverman as Brenda
  • Khandi Alexander as Joanie
  • Willie Garson as Dr. Zit Face


The movie “crazy about mary” is available in the catalog of StarPlus. To watch the film online on the platform you can click on this link.


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