Christian Bale unrecognizable as Gorr the Butcher God in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’: First images!

Photo credit: MGM

Photo credit: MGM

Christian bale, the top 1 of the transformations and drastic weight changes in the cinema, already has one more to add to the collection. In the latest trailer for Thor Love and Thunder, where Chris Hemsworth has been seen naked and very strong, The first images have already been seen characterized as the supervillain Gorr, the Butcher of the Gods.

No one is capable of going from malnutrition to obesity, or showing off muscle without batting an eyelid. Before we see him on the big screen alongside Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, we review the actor’s career and his transformations from ‘American Psycho’ to ‘Vice’ through Batman or ‘The Machinist’, through weight gains and losses based on a strict diet and training, changes that he has promised to control in the future so that it does not affect his health. “If I keep doing it, I will die”, she even stated a few months ago.

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ premiered its first trailer after much expectation. It was viewed a whopping 209 million times in 24 hoursproving that the desire for the MCU movies hasn’t diminished despite the fact that the Marvel Universe has more and more content.

While the trailer gave us our first glimpse of King Valkyrie in all her glory, and of course the titular hero played by Chris Hemsworth, there were a few things that were left out. First, the obvious omission of the film’s long-awaited villain: Gorr the Butcher of God, played by Christian Bale.

And who is Gorr ‘the God Butcher’? The character, created in 2013 by writer Jason Aaron and cartoonist Esad Ribic, is a guy who hates the gods and has sworn to exterminate them all. The most important detail about him is that he has in his possession the Necrosword, an ancient sword created from the head of a Celestial and that was forged by Knull, the entity that gave life to symbiotes like Venom and Carnage. . Another important detail in the comics talks about Gorr already battling Thor in ancient times, being very close to killing him in current Iceland, and later he has faced the God of Thunder even in the distant future… We’ll see what happens in the big screen.

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