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Christian Bale makes his MCU debut as Gorr. What better occasion to vindicate his career?

There are actors who do not submit to any rules, but create their own and constantly break expectations. His unpredictability is the only constant in the career of a professional who has given everything on screen. One who does not follow a specific method in his performances, beyond his own instinct.

Christian Bale will return to the superhero genre, playing the fearsome Gorr, the butcher of the gods, in Thor: Love and Thunder in brief. But it is just one more unexpected step by one of the most relevant interpreters. One that goes from physical changes to a bulletproof fidelity towards those directors who have known how to take advantage of it.

Next, it will go on to unravel a very particular actor.

– The Sun’s empire

The archetypal example that tends to be put to point out that Christian Bale has been acting since he was a child. And it is not for less, Spielberg’s anti-war film (in his own way) adapting Ballard. Bale had his first leading role as a child. He already anticipated the interpretive beast that he would end up being.

– Velvet Goldmine

After a handful of films that hardened him as an actor and in which he had the opportunity to have another leading role, working with Todd Haynes was a turning point in his career. And it is that, regardless of whether the two connected, this tribute to glam rock allowed him to explore and give a truly charismatic role.

–American Psycho

The first physical transformation of Christian Bale, with whom, in addition, he gave his first hit on the table. In Mary Harron’s film she provided a perverse, charismatic, portentous and very energetic performance.. His Patrick Bateman, and all the atrocities carried out by that yuppie archetype, became one of the icons of the turn of the century. And in its own right.

– Balance

What happens when you put steroids at Fahrenheit 451? Well, this dystopian thriller with intense action comes out with characters that are even more so. All a rare avis in which Bale managed, again, to steal all the scenes.

– The Machinist

New great physical change of this actor and the most clearly perceptible. This peculiar film shot in Barcelona with a psychological thriller plot with social touches remained a small cult piece worth discovering and rediscovering. Not to mention that it remains one of the riskiest productions that Bale has embarked on.

– The Dark Knight Trilogy

After impressing locals and strangers, Bale got a muscular body in record time to play Christopher Nolan’s personal vision of Batman. As it is already a piece known to all and it is his most easily recognizable role, all that remains is to feel sorry for the fact that the suit did not have a zipper.

He spent almost a decade attached to the character until completing a trilogy that set a precedent with The dark knight. Bale is considered one of the actors who have inevitably become associated with the character. Not surprisingly, it was he who gave him a second youth.

– The Final Trick

In his second collaboration with Christopher Nolan, he chose to pay homage to the magic of cinema. A story of rivalry between two magicians and an obsession to do their best.or. With Batman and Bateman (there’s a pattern there…), surely this has ended up being his most recognized role by the general public.

– The 3:10 Train

First collaboration with james mangold. This remake of Delmer Dave’s western tells the tricky prisoner transfer. And a desperate Christian Bale is responsible for everything going as it should. Bale managed to give a performance that took control of the film.

– I’m not there

His second collaboration with Haynes was to bring to life one of the traits of Dylan’s mysterious and intricate personality. Still to this day, his section remains one of the most celebrated in the film.

– Public Enemies

Interpretive duel between Bale and the ill-fated Johnny Depp in the hands of a veteran Michael Mann. A film that tried to update and emulate the most classic film noir and that, despite everything, gave two great performances by both protagonists.

– The Fighter

And the inevitable happened. The Oscar came to her with this film in which she gave life to a troublesome boxing trainereither. Again, she slimmed down an awful lot superhumanly at incredible speed to give him the decadent look of this fringe character. A naturalistic interpretation that surprised.

He returned to collaborate with David O. Russell later is The Great American Swindle. Surely it is one of the most honest titles ever put on a film, but the truth is that Bale took his body to the extreme there again.

– Knight of Cups

The gentleman went from beating criminals to being the representation of the excesses of Hollywood. Bale is shown naked here as a character that has a lot to do with himself. Despite receiving highly negative reviews, Terrence Malik launched what is surely the most honest portrait of what it means to have so much power and ego concentrated in one person. And doing it in these times has double merit.

In addition, this was his first meeting with Natalie Portman, with whom he will cross paths again in Thor: Love and Thunder. But their scenes, in this case, will not be so friendly.

– Hostile

New western, more arid and dense and complex than the frenetic The 3:10 Train. But also more exciting and dramatically interesting. Bale plays a captain who must face the mission of escorting a Cheyenne chief. That will make him have to rethink more than one thing.

– Vice

The last great physical change of the actor was in this film directed by Adam McKay, with whom he had already coincided in The Big Bet. It was so, because, otherwise, it would endanger his health. In fact, he had to give up the Enzo Ferrari biopic project because he had to get fat again, which would have had tragic consequences. The project was frozen after that.

Bale gave it his all and re-modified his body until it was unrecognizable. His Dick Cheney was as intimidating as he was vulnerable.

It helped him win his second Golden Globe, which he dedicated to Satan himself. Repect.

– Le Mans ’66

One of the most classic large-scale films that Hollywood has produced in recent times is this spectacular film directed by James Mangold. Here Bale put himself in the shoes of a seasoned and reckless pilot Ken Miles. It’s a classic American story and somewhat idealized, but they give the actor a chance to shine, it’s told with a deft hand and has spectacular images.

The dubbing of modern animation classics such as Pocahontas either Howl’s Moving Castlethe craziness that was the empire of firehis collaborations with directors of the stature of Zhang Yimou or David Ayer, his failed blockbuster with Ridley Scott or that disaster that was Terminator Salvation. And of course his Gorr along with Taika Waititiwhich remains to be seen .

In a few days he will demonstrate his skills again with a Gorr who, as it seems, has arrived to establish himself as one of the best villains in the MCU. In any case, Bale has not yet said his last word. Nand from afar.

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