Chris Pratt began to say goodbye to his role as Star Lord in Marvel Studios

at the beginning of August 2014, Marvel Studios decided to launch one of his riskiest bets in his still nascent Cinematic Universe. And it is that “Guardians of the Galaxy” It was an almost unknown franchise for comic book lovers, and although they enjoyed some recognition, no one dared to guarantee that they would succeed on the big screen.

Fortunately for Marveldirector James Gunn took on the challenge of capturing the adventures of these space outlaws and managed to position them as one of the most beloved franchises by fans of superhero movies.

And it is that the first tape of “Guardians of the Galaxy” was very successful in raising $773 million at the box office, achieving great acceptance among critics and fans. In fact, three years after Marvel Studios released the second part of the film, which was also a great commercial success and left the door open for the appearance of the guardians in “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Avengers: Endgame”.

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Now, after the end of the filming of “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3”, Chris Prattactor who plays star lord in the Marvel Cinematic Universespoke about the inevitable farewell that is already beginning to appear for him within the productions of Marvel:

“You always want to be aware of what you live and put a lot of effort into experiencing the moment. You accept that this is going to end and you want to take it in. You can only do that by living in the present, so that’s what I do. The other day, Russel Wilson , the Seattle Seahawks quarterback, was sent to play in Denver, he’s been in Seattle for the last ten years, roughly the same as my time at Marvel Studios. […] The excitement of the last decade is coming to an end. […] moments like that hurt me […] Actually, I don’t know what will come next. You ask if I am consciously turning the page, but the page is simply turning. Whether I want to or not, my time is up.” added the actor in an interview for Men’s Health.

It should be remembered that Marvel Studios revealed a few months ago that “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” will hit theaters in May 2023 and that despite all delays announced in recent weeksthe new tape of the group of space heroes will not change its release date.

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