Chris Hemsworth, impossible to recognize with prosthetics and redhead on the set of ‘Furiosa’

The July 8 arrives ‘Thor: Love and Thunder‘, the next adventure of Chris Hemsworth as the God of Thunder, a character he has been playing in the MCU since 2011. In it will be accompanied by Natalie Portman and Christian baleamong others, and expectations are through the roof.

But australian actor does not stop, and before the arrival of ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, already is embarking on his next project. Is about The prequel to ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’who will direct this tape from the Mad Max universe.

In her, Anya Taylor-Joy (‘Queen’s Gambit’) Pick up Charlize Theron’s batonwho played Imperator Furiosa forming the main duet of the film with Tom Hardy, which so many encounters had in that filming.

On this occasion, It will be Chris Hemsworth who replaces Hardy as the co-star of the film, and has already shown his gratitude for participating in this project since it was announced last year: “I will put my heart and soul, blood, sweat and tears in this film!!”.

‘Furiosa’, which is how this prequel will be called, is already there in process of production in AustraliaHemsworth’s homeland, and from there the first images of the shooting have arrived, showing the Completely Unrecognizable ‘Thor’ Actor. His wife Elsa Pataky and his children Tristan, Sasha and India are also in Australia sheltering Hemsworth, as well as his father Craig.

In the images you can see Chris very changed since Thor, although it could well be another Norse god. And it is that he returns to wear a long hair, although in this case redheadwhich is accompanied by a long beard and mustache of the same color, under a prosthetic nose that finishes off the look that he will wear in the next installment of the post-apocalyptic saga.

Chris Hemsworth’s enthusiasm for this new character is joined by that of his partner Aya Taylor-Joywho will give life to the protagonist, and talked about it at the time with Happy, Sad, Confused: “I fell in love with Furiosa, the way Charlize introduced her. I’ve already started dreaming about her. She comes very strong.”

The film is expected to hit theaters the summer of 2023when Hemsworth fans will be able to fully see what their new character looks like.

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