“We put ourselves at risk”: Checo Pérez surprised and covered a controversial issue in F1

What Sergio has done Czech Perez at the 2022 British Grand Prix was one of the most incredible performances the sport has seen as he went from 17th to second place. Even the performance of the Mexican has largely overshadowed the first victory of Carlos Sainz.

The man from Guadalajara stood next to Lewis Hamilton and the Spaniard in the conference room, ready to follow the protocol attention to the press given by the first three places in each race. And without being consulted, it was Czech Perez who decided to return to a topic that seemed to have been left in the past.

Checo broke into the press conference with an old topic that plagues drivers.

“The last thing I’d like to add is that when you hear people talk about capping drivers’ wages, we’re the ones taking all the risk, we put on a show, so I don’t think that’s a good idea.”explained the Red Bull Racing rider, after the accident suffered by Zhou Guanyu at the start of the competition.

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