“There is a chill when there is authenticity”

At his recently turned 60 years, Tom Cruise He is at one of the highest points of his career. Although the next Mission Impossible has delayed its release date, fans of the actor have been able to see it in theaters recently Top Gun: Maverickthe belated sequel to the legendary tape of the 80s. This nostalgic bet has worked so well that a few weeks ago it officially became the highest-grossing production of Tom Cruise’s careersurpassing even other titles such as The dark knight. A movement that praises the figure of the star, which seems determined to continue giving it a spatial relevance to the rooms. His total dedication to the spectacular leads him, in the same way, to star in his own action scenes, a quality that his co-star simon pegg believes that it is unique and very special.

simon pegg
Simon Pegg and Tom Cruise »Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol'( Paramount Pictures)

“Because I’m biased, I think Mission (Impossible) stands out a little bit, because everything you see, it really does. There are no stunt doubles for him.”, Pegg told Soho House. The interviewee has been associated for some time as a recurring character in the Paramount franchise, playing benji dunnthe technological leader of Cruise’s team who has gradually been introduced to field missions with his other colleagues, thus generating a certain comedy due to his inexperience.

However, Simon Pegg’s boldness went further when he compared the ethan hunt saga with another of the most famous spies in cinema: James Bond. Despite his British heritage, he said deliveries of Mission Impossible they are superior because of Cruise’s death-defying stunts. A spectacular that the actor of star trek he also sees from the prism of terror even though he can see the scene in question from the comfort of his home: “There’s a chill you get when there’s authenticity, the idea that this guy is jumping off a cliff on a motorcycle deploying his parachute 100 feet off the ground? He gives you goosebumps.”

This last scene seemed dangerous even to Cruise himself, who cataloged it as the most dangerous thing he had done in his entire filmography. “I had about six seconds once I got off the ramp to pull the parachute and I don’t want to get tangled up in the bike. If I do, it’s not going to end well.” the three-time Oscar nominee was honest. Mission Impossible: Death Sentence Part One will hit theaters on July 14, 2023.

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