TheGrefg talks about how he makes money with his Fortnite skin

We all remember the incredible record of viewers achieved by TheGrefg during the presentation of his Fortnite skin. A feat that is even more amazing if we take into account that it managed to bring together almost 2 and a half million people while he alone in his room.

Having your own Fortnite skin is no small feat and, of course, we can think that the Murcian has managed to earn a lot of money thanks to it. He made it known during his time at Club 113the podcast of gorgo, Nil Ojeda Y Werlyb.

However, generating profits through the skin is not as simple as we might imagine: “I, for each person who buys my skin, I don’t take moneyTheGrefg explained to the podcast hosts.

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“It’s not that if anyone in the world buys the skin, the money goes to Grefg. No. It only works if the people who buy the skin supports you in the store with the creator code”he continued.

To make the matter even clearer, TheGrefg noted the following: “If a German who likes my skin and buys Grefg’s skin does not put my code in the store, I take zero“.

There is no doubt that TheGrefg’s skin has had to be sold in large quantities. But, you know, if you haven’t bought it yet and want to support it, just enter its creator code in the Epic Games store when you go to do so.

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