The reason why Amber Heard asks to annul the verdict and new trial with Johnny Depp

Amber Heard has asked the judge in charge of his trial with Johnny Depp to set aside the verdict against you or repeat the legal process.

This after they argued that there was not enough evidence for the outcome of the trial and because of false jurors.

More than a month after the defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard concluded, the actress’s legal team insists that there was not enough evidence to determine that she acted maliciously during the relationship with her ex-husband.

They included the fact that, within the middle column Washington Post which triggered the demand never mentioned the name interpreter of Pirates of the Caribbean Y that everything he mentioned within that piece was true.

They also took the opportunity to denounce that one of the people on the jury was not who he said he was. According to the American media TMZ, the date of birth of the person summoned to be part of the jury has no relation to his age; the person was supposedly born in 1940, but appears to be a different age.

The judge has not given any answer at the request of Amber Heard, according to TMZ. Johnny Depp’s lawyer has commented that the action of Amber’s team “was to be expected” and that they have not presented any type of circumstantial elements.

So far neither of the two actors has ruled on the appeal that was filed.

How much money does Amber Heard owe Johnny Depp?

The legal battle between the two Hollywood stars concluded that both parties had defamed each other.

However, after an extensive review of the facts, the court in Virginia, Washington, determined that Amber defamed Depp in the column he wrote in 2018.

That is why the US court ordered the actress from Aquaman to pay 10 million dollars and more than three hundred and fifty thousand dollars in fines.

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