The Minions invade Minecraft with a new DLC

Minecraft is quite popular in terms of collaborations with other popular franchises in the past, and now the time has come to add another one. This time it’s the wonderful and funny Minions who invade Minecraft together with their master Gru to celebrate the premiere of the movie Minions: the origin of Gru.

“Playing as Gru, your mission is to become the biggest and greatest of supervillains, and to do so you’ll need to gather gadgets, Minions, and your courage to take on the Vicious 6 – a team of supervillains who aren’t thrilled with your attempts to Steal the spotlight from them. As your twisted plans take shape, you’ll need to fill your villain meter by sneaking, running, and directing your Minions in increasingly cunning ways before engaging your enemies in a fiery final showdown. If you think you know what’s going to happen next, hold on to your plasma jelly launchers, man, because now you’ll be facing the Vicious 6 in a whole new way!”

If you’re interested in meeting the Cubic Minions, you can grab them from the Minecraft Marketplace, download the DLC, and start your career as the most horrible villain the world has ever seen. If you really like Minions but don’t want to buy this new expansion, you’ll also get a little accessory, a free Minion hoodie for your character, which is waiting for you in the in-game locker room (the hanger icon on the “launcher “).


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