The Gray Man: Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans face each other in the first trailer for the new film by the Russo brothers

This year, Netflix hopes to win over its audience with somewhat more conventional films that are always suitable for the summer season. Usually, movie theaters are filled with action titles and superheroes to take advantage of the public on vacation, but the platform is doing its best to keep its users at home. The gray man is one of its most interesting proposals and considering all its elements it will be interesting to see how it works in streaming. The film starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans is one of the most eye-catching releases of the year and its first trailer will surely catch the attention of fans of these actors and the genre itself.

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The Gray Man is an adaptation of the novel by Mark Greaney that tells the story of a deadly mercenary whose identity is highly secret and who accidentally discovers some dark secrets of the agency he works for. In an attempt to protect themselves, the association has him killed, but facing him will not be easy. Like any film of this type, we will have a lot of action, chase scenes, moments of adrenaline and many mysteries to solve.

Gosling plays the Court Gentry, also known as the Sierra Six, who must escape from the agency that once recruited him. While Evans plays Lloyd Hansen, a colleague who will make the mission of killing the mercenary very personal. Along the way, Gentry will encounter new allies, old enemies, and plenty of betrayal. Ana de Armas, Regé-Jean Page, Jessica Henwick and Alfre Woodard are also part of the interesting cast. After a couple of teasers, now we finally have the first official trailer, where we can see our hero in action and in moments of danger that remind us of the best deliveries of spies and undercover agents.

Check out the official trailer here:

The film is the result of the deal that Anthony Russo and Joe Russo made with Netflix to direct the most expensive work in the history of the platform. This is definitely a big risk, but the attention it has received The Gray Man it does put it on par with other titles of the season, so it is expected to be a great success from its premiere. For the Russo brothers it is a return to the world of action, but from a different perspective.

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The Russo Brothers are best known for directing Captain America: The Winter Soldier. 89%, Captain America: Civil War – 90%, Avengers: Infinity War – 79% and Avengers: Endgame – 95%, and his work left a very important mark on the company. His style and his very particular vision to mix political issues with superheroes, made his installments the most interesting in the MCU, and established much of what is still being developed in this Phase 4. However, committing to this franchise was not easy and It meant a great sacrifice for them, because despite their fame they could not dedicate themselves to other projects. Although it is unlikely that they will return to Marvel, the directors are still working to show that they do not depend on this genre to excel.

Although Cherry- 27% wasn’t a critical success, audiences were nicer to it, and Tom Holland was generally highlighted as talented in an entirely new role that took him away from the superhero that made him famous. However, many fans of the directors are still hoping for a new title that will establish them outside of Marvel and The Gray Man seems to be the one. The film has all the elements to succeed, from great stars as protagonists, to action scenes that do not ask for anything from other franchises.

The Gray Man It is also a dream project for the Russo brothers, who had been wanting to adapt the novel for years. Furthermore, it marks the arrival of Ryan Gosling as an action hero, since he has already signed an exclusive contract for the sequels. This is easy to say, but the actor really had to see something interesting in this character and this story, since he had previously rejected other franchises in Marvel and DC. The film will arrive on Netflix on July 22 and in the United States it will go through international billboards with a premiere on July 15.

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