Suda51 wants Ryan Gosling as Travis in No More Heroes movie

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Goichi Suda, a developer also known as Suda51, revealed since last year his interest in making a movie or series of No More Heroes. The franchise is still more than valid thanks to its third installment, which originally debuted for Nintendo Switch and will soon reach other platforms.

The developer believes that the franchise should rest a bit, at least in the field of video games. So his bet now is to take the saga to other media and he has his sights set on a movie. In fact, he recently revealed which actor and producer he would like to work with in this hypothetical production for now.

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Ryan Gosling as Travis Touchdown? Suda51 wants it to happen

Suda was asked during an interview about the creatives he would like to collaborate with to bring No More Heroes to the big screen. To everyone’s surprise, the developer stated that he would cast Ryan Gosling to bring Travis Touchdown to life.

On the other hand, he revealed that he would love to work with James Gunn again, whom he would like to have as the producer of the film. Suda and the creative previously collaborated on the development of Lollipop Chain Sawbecause both co-wrote the story.

Suda knows that Gunn is very busy, so he has an alternative: Japanese director Takashi Miike, who has cameos in various installments of No More Heroes. Although the proposals of the developer are very attractive, for now they are simple wishes.

We tell you this since for now there are no concrete plans to adapt No More Heroes to the movies or on television. However, Suda has not forgotten about this possibility and apparently will do everything possible to make the project a reality.

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