Rihanna’s tireless fight against climate change and racism

Rihanna returns to show her most supportive facet. After the photographs that confirmed her pregnancy and of which half the world talks about her, the one from Barbados has published on her Instagram account the generous donation you have made to fight racism and climate change. The amount contributed, through her Clara Lionel Foundation, amounts to 15 million dollars for 18 charities. “We have partnered with 18 organizations in the US and the Caribbean to support the movement for climate justice,” the artist has communicated on her networks.

“Climate disasters, which are increasing in frequency and intensitydo not affect all communities equally, and communities of color and island nations bear the brunt of climate change“, declared Rihanna in a recent statement, noting that disparity and inequality are the main reasons for her non-profit organization, which is named after her grandparents and which she founded in 2012.

“These grants will support entities focused and led by women, youth, black, indigenous, people of color and LGBTQIA+ communitiesRihanna continued about her social commitment.

In addition, the businesswoman has encouraged other firms and institutions to bet on original and different approaches to solve problems, while highlighting the need to help people in need of opportunities and get rid of negative prejudices. This is not, far from it, the first time that the singer and businesswoman has made this type of donation. A few months ago, Rihanna joined Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey’s #StartSmall philanthropic foundation in another important donation for the fight against Covid.

In that occasionthe artist donated five million dollars to different organizations that fight against the coronavirus. “When we started this year, we could never have imagined how COVID-19 would so dramatically alter our lives. No matter who you are or where you are from, this pandemic will affect us all. And for the world’s most vulnerable, the worst may be yet to come.”

In the same statement, it explained that the support would go entirely to the food banks that offer food to communities at risk of exclusion and to the elderly in the United States, to the purchase of tests and material to care for the sick in countries such as Haiti and Malawi, the purchase of protective equipment for health workers, maintenance of ICUs and the acceleration of vaccine research in different centers located throughout the world.

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