Natalie Portman reappears with a look of combat boots and straight pants

Natalie Portman She has proven to be a chameleon-like actress throughout her career in the film industry. She has been nominated for an Oscar, Golden Globes, BAFTA and a long list of Academy Awards. But the oscar winner it is also style referencewith her always classic and timeless looks that make her worthy of a permanent position in the lists of the best dressed.

The elections of actress Natalie Portman to attend galas and night ceremonies they are usually always in the same line: classic princess cut dresses topped with sweetheart or strapless neckline. However, in her day to day she opts for more casual and comfortable looks like this one that she chose to attend Adele’s concert in London’s Hyde Park.

How to wear jeans with combat boots according to Natalie Portman

Natalie Portmann.Nick England

The combat boots that we will not stop using in 2023 were carried by Natalie Portman in black for the occasion. This design has been replicated in Louis Vuitton, Chloé, Proenza Schouler or Balenciaga. Although it is true that in the beginning combat boots distinguished by belonging to a rock line, the actress confirmed that straight jeans would also exalt the leather pair with track soles. For the upper part, she opted for a military-style sweater, endorsing being the precise alternative.

demonstrated with gold accessories and black sunglasses, that with very few elements we can be well dressed to go to any casual event without complicating ourselves too much. In search of a balance, she prints shades of elegance with her brown hair tied in a bun, accompanied by natural makeup that emphasizes lips and eyebrows.

When the Black Swan actress turn to these pants, usually style them with platforms or classic stilettosthis time it has shown its versatility by combining them equally with combat boots on trend, which have worked their way through the ranks of the United States Army to become the must-have footwear for the most fashion-savvy.

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