Minecraft joins the Minions to launch its new DLC on the occasion of The Origin of Gru

Minions: The Origin of Gru It is already in theaters in our country. The prequel to these cute characters will allow us to take a look at their appearance both on the big screen and in the video game. Minecraft has been chosen to offer new content within the success of Mojang.

How is the Minions DLC in Minecraft?

Additional content, now available for purchase on the Minecraft Marketplace, lets you play as Gru to become “in the greatest supervillain”. You will have to face the Wild 6 in adventure mode in a series of tests that will have you do everything, such as run against them.

Minecraft Minions: Rise of Gru DLC contents

In the official description we can read that your confrontation will be against “the special forms of the zodiac” of Jean Clawed, Nunchuk, Svengeance, Stronghold and Belle Bottom. As is logical, you will be able to visit places already known from the movie in Minecraft format. Included are 29 skins from the franchise with which to dress your Minion-themed character.

On the other hand, the study confirms that if you purchased the previous Minions DLC in the past you will receive this update at no additional cost. You will be able to know all the details in their profile in the store. A free Minion hoodie is also offered to all players of the game, regardless of whether they have any of the content mentioned.

Days before its premiere on billboards we shared an exclusive clip, which you can see through this link. In it we saw the characters do their thing trying to break a wooden board. The location in Spain has had the voices of faces as well known as Florentino Fernández, Mónica Naranjo and the influencer Pablo G. Show. The latter plays Otto, the Minion who debuts in the film. Remember that the film is in theaters from July 1.

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