Lino Banfi and his wife’s illness

For years now the actor Lino Banfi lives with his wife’s illness Lucia Lagastrawho was diagnosed withAlzheimer’s. A Doctor in the Family’s ‘Grandfather Free’ recounted part of this great family grief about him in one letter to his wife, published by the magazine Intimacy. In the letter, the eighty-five-year-old actor also mentioned one of his most painful moments, namely that of the future death of his life partner, who accompanied him for over 60 years.

The desperate request to the Holy Father

I wrote to Pope Francis“, we read in the letter, and then continue with:”I asked the Holy Father what you asked me to ask. I told him about your wish, that of leave togetherat the same time, holding hands as we have always done in our life“. A singular and dramatic request was made to the Pontiff, who apparently replied to the actor. And it is the latter who reveals:”The Pope told me that it has no power to make us goeven if you and I could not live without each other, he will pray for us“.

60 years of love

Lino and Lucia met a Canosa di Puglia when both were young. The wedding came in 1962 and since then they have never separated. Her wife has always followed and supported Banfi’s business, but only a few years ago, her roles were reversed, and it was he who took care of her.

The coach in the ball, the interview with Lino Banfi

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The coach in the ball, the interview with Lino Banfi

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