Keanu Reeves is also working on his own documentary about Formula 1

The paddock of the Formula World Championship has been filled with stars of the seventh art once again. Although surely the grill was not as crowded with celebrities and their respective security entourages as in Miami, but they were seen repeatedly movie personalities like Keanu Reeves, or the birthday boy, Tom Cruise. However, it was the first that left the big news of the weekend: he is producing a Formula 1 documentary.

We must remember that Reeves is, like Cruise, passionate about motoring and motorsports, even participating in a star race that has been held in the United States. While it was expected that for this year we would already have on our screens the movie in which he was seen putting himself in the shoes of a rally driver, it seems that the protagonist of The Matrix is ​​supporting the creation of a new documentary that will tell the story of Brawn GP in the 2009 seasonthe year in which they managed to be crowned World Champions.

Yes, that is what we are trying to do. We want to tell this incredible and remarkable story. There is so much to tell. From the outside, a friend of mine told me the story and it really impacted me. He was working for Brawn at the time in advertising and is a producer/director. So we thought ‘let’s tell this story’. It was great to hear more about what happened in Formula 1 that year. It wasn’t just the cars and the new regulations. FOTA, the threat of a parallel discipline, there was so much going on in Formula 1 at the time! The world of Formula 1 was extraordinary. It’s always extraordinary, but that year, with Brawn GP, ​​I think something really special happened – Keanu Reeves

Not much is known other than what Reeves himself said this weekend when asked by the microphones of Sky (he was even seen soaking wet wearing a photographer’s overalls following the races at the foot of the track), but without a doubt it is great news for the motorsport that there are more and more characters in this world who are interested in racing and telling such varied stories. What is known is that Jenson Button is playing a very active role in this documentary.

We’ve already spent a little time together and a lot more in a few weeks. I am involved in this project and it should be exciting. The reminiscences are great and there are many images that no one has seen – Jenson Button

The other audiovisual projects on Formula 1:

The thing does not end there. Other big projects are moving behind the scenes, still without a 100% confirmed date. One of the most recently known is the one that confirmed that Daniel Riccciardo is playing the role of executive producer of a new series of Disney through its channel streaming, Hulu, about the world of Formula 1, something to which we must add the role of Lewis Hamilton also as producer and consultant for the film he is making Brad Pitt also set in this world.

Lewis Hamilton himself would also be involved in a new Formula 1 docuseries that Apple TV is working on and that it would become a response to the work that Netflix has recently done with its Drive to Survive, as well as Amazon with initiatives such as the series by Fernando Alonso, Carlos Sainz or the one that was carried out around the McLaren team in its most difficult moments. low.

Another of the most anticipated projects is precisely the Biopic That is making on the figure of Enzo Ferrari, with Adam Driver, Penélope Cruz or Shailene Woodley among the cast (in 2015 we were talking about Robert de Niro and Christian Bale) and should narrate in part what is told in the book “Enzo Ferrari: The Man, the Cars, the Races” by Brock Yates, narrating the complicated moment of the Italian brand at the end of the fifties and its struggles with Maserati.

Photos | Brawn GP (Michael Bailie)

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