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The Twitter account “Overwatch2_NEWS” posted an update revealing that “D.Va’s butt has been transcendentally buffed” in the new video game update Overwatch 2, released on June 28. This was also shared on a popular comment forum in Japan, where opinions such as the following stood out:

  • «game of the gods».
  • «At the moment, there are many things to fix besides a few hips. But I agree that there are priorities».
  • «D.Va’s ass is like seeing God himself!».
  • «Definitely the biggest news to date».
  • «It is wonderful».
  • «Buffed after a debuff? Isn’t that more like “returning it to normal”?».

What does the last comment refer to? Possibly to what happened in March 2016, when Blizzard announced that it would remove a specific victory pose from the game, which could be purchased or unlocked through the progression system. Players can unlock new poses for their characters that will appear when they win a match, such as a hero raising their fist or flexing their muscles instead of standing normally. In this case, the heroine, Tracer, had a pose of “To look over the shoulder” which makes her look with her back to the camera and turn around with her gun raised.

The pose prompted a fan complaint on the forums who argued that since the pose contains a clear image of Tracer’s butt, and the pose is often used suggestively in other media, it didn’t fit her character. The person was also upset because “her young daughter idolizes Tracer and, in her opinion, seeing her in that position sends a strange message about her character“.

After the player was lambasted by the rest of the community, the now ex-game director of Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan, appeared to respond personally, announcing that the pose would be removed. She wrote at the time: “We will replace the pose. We want to everybody feel strong and heroic in our community. The last thing we want to do is make someone feel uncomfortable, undervalued, or misrepresented. We apologize and will continue to try to do better». Kaplan left Blizzard in April 2021, with Aaron Keller taking the reins of Overwatch and its now sequel.

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