How to play Minecraft for free and legally

Today free games are triumphing among all of us, some titles that we can download to our computer or to the video console, and that allow us to enjoy all the adventures, perhaps only paying for some specific skins or battle passes.

On the other hand, we have Minecraft, a very particular case, a video game that, although it is very cheap to obtain, you have to pay this small economic part to help the development team, something that is quite worth it considering that we are facing one of the the great games of history.

But maybe what you didn’t know is that there is a minecraft free version which you can play right now, in your browser, and is really effective if you want to end up experimenting with some procedures.


Minecraft: The Wild Update – Launch Trailer

So you can play Minecraft for free and legally

Well, there is a free version of Minecraft, a legal free version, that you can use in any browser, and that allows you to enjoy certain features of the adventure, especially when it comes to construction.

All you have to do is access this legal page where you can enjoy the classic Minecraft in your browser. We are talking about a classic version, the first one that was released in 2011, and it is obviously very limited.


It is a version in which you can experiment with certain construction materials, with a very small world without enemies, but it is worth it if you want to try the experience before buying it.

Indeed there are no enemies, there is no elaboration, no foundries and practically nothing else, but you will be able to know if you like its aesthetics and some procedures.

Specifically this classic version of Minecraft is accessible with nine different building blocks and it’s a really small area to play. The game is in creative mode, and is basically a browser version for those looking to experiment with builds.

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