Henry Martín is teased by fans of America and deletes tweetMediotiempo

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The divorce between the Americanist fans and forward Henry Martin seems irreversible. And it is that although the Yucatecan wanted to put on a good face at the beginning of the 2022 Opening with a message on social networks, it was both the trolling what did you receive from the same fans of America who ended up deleting the message because “nor how to defend himself” after the rickety previous tournament.

With only three goals in the whole last semesterthe Bronze Olympic medalist a year ago with the Mexican National Team has gone downhill and that hundreds of azulcremas followers reminded himwho on Twitter were forceful against Henry, who had published an image promoting the debut match against Atlas with the phrase “READY” (Clever).

Although Martin limited the answer options to only those who follow him on said social network, There were so many negative messages that the forward chose to delete his publication and users also criticized him for his sports performance and for “not taking criticism”, emphasizing the low scoring rate he drags.

The worrying level of Henry Martin

Once considered a possible starter for the Mexican National Team during Raúl Jiménez’s injury leave, currently Henry Martin is not even the shadow of what he showed more than a year ago with America and Trisomething particularly worrying for him because we are five months away from the 2022 Qatar World Cup and he seems to be far behind in the race for one of the places on the list, since Santiago Giménez has “eaten his errand” with the Tricolor as a replacement option.

So sad is his present that in the match against Atlas on Saturday, Henry Martin was the fourth option of the American forward because the starters were the young Román Martínez and the Colombian Roger Martínez, in addition to the fact that the first change that the coach made in the axis of the attack was to give minutes to the Uruguayan Federico Viñas, relegating the Mexican as fourth forward, having participation in the last 15 minutes .

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