Furiosa: reveal first images of Chris Hemsworth from the film set

Although we are a long way from seeing an official trailer, the furious It is already one of the most anticipated by the public. We first saw the character in Mad Max: Fury Road – 97%, in the hands of Charlize Theron, and became without a problem the most important element of that revival. The popularity of the character, and the fact that there is a whole mystery around her past and her personality, helped Warner to promote a prequel about her life. Anya Taylor-Joy, actress of the moment, is the one who will be in charge of interpreting the protagonist, while Chris Hemsworth hopes to change the scene by giving life to the villain, of whom we can already see a first look.

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Mad Max: Fury Road It was a pleasant surprise for everyone. The original Mad Max movies, starring Mel Gibson, always had a decent following, but no one thought a revival could work so well. Now with Tom Hardy at the helm, this world was presented at an ideal time for cinema, but also for the context of viewers, who found both the theme of feminism and the practicality with which something so epic was filmed fascinating. The company hopes to continue developing other sequels, but for now the priority is the prequel to furious which will be released in May 2024.

In the original film, Furiosa is a kind of lifeguard and guide, while Max is more of a character who is on his way and with whom he must work to save Immortan Joe’s wives, who are tired of being used. as incubators and sex slaves, despising even the luxuries in which they were allowed to live. Furiosa was a close and personal associate of Joe, so her rebellion is seen as an act of betrayal that puts her life on the line. The relationship between the two has been a topic of much debate among fans, who hope that the prequel reveals a little more about them.

Details about the new tape have been kept secret, but it is known that Chris Hemsworth will give life to the main villain. However, some still have doubts about his character, especially now that his look for the movie has been revealed. According to early reports, the protagonist of Thor: Love and Thunder would play a character named Dr. Dementus who would compete against Immortan Joe for control of the town. The thing is that the first images of the already characterized actor seem to place him as Joe.

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In these images, we can see Hemsworth as a redhead with a beard and long hair. The shape of the mustache is definitely eye-catching, but some believe he looks more like a young Immortan Joe than any other character.

First look at Chris Hemsworth on the set of George Miller’s Furiosa.

According to CBR.comReports from last year revealed that the aforementioned Dementus was extremely handsome, with the face of an angel and a scar on his head held together by chrome staples. These photos show nothing like that, with Hemsworth’s look following something a bit more traditional, reminiscent of the villain’s long hair in the first film. Despite this, it is possible that Miller changed some details of the characters, which is not unusual. Getting anything from paper to screen has its hurdles and a lot of things get altered during production. Another option is that the character looks like this at the beginning, and the description that was released is something that happens within the story of the film itself.

A few days ago the official synopsis of furious, where it is explained that the protagonist will be in the middle of a power struggle between Immortan Joe and Dementus. Filming continues and fans are waiting for the first official image of Anya Taylor-Joy in the main role, since she is supposed to look quite different from the woman we met in Mad Max: Fury Road, who had a shaved head and was missing an arm. Surely, in this prequel we will better understand his motivations and see how Joe managed to gain so much power.

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