From De Niro to Nancy Pelosi, Elio Germano and Ariana Grande: famous Molisans

The arrival of Nancy Pelosi at Fornellito visit the house where the mother was born over a century ago, is an opportunity to think back to how many characters of Molise origin have made a career, some prophets at home, many others around the world.

If the Italians were a people of saints, poets and navigators, then the Molisans are people of actors mainly, or more generally of artists. The number of Molise celebrities from the small and big screen is impressive, but many others have shown their talent in the arts much more than in the field of entrepreneurship, politics or sport.

To put together as many names as possible and draw up a sort of made use of lists scattered around the web, some updated and others not, also because forgetfulness is always around the corner.

In our special ranking of the 20 most famous Molise people, it is impossible not to start from Robert De Niro, whose great-grandparents were from Ferrazzano, a two-time Oscar®-winning actor and star of dozens of unforgettable films. Behind him we put Don DeLillo, an icon of contemporary American literature, with roots in Montagano. So a local talent that has recently left us as the singer from Campania Fred Bongusto. And then Elio Germanoactor originally from Duronia, Aldo Biscardi TV journalist from Larino, Benito Jacovitti, cartoonist from Termoli, Paul and Mira SorvinoHoolywoodian actors originally from Casacalenda, the speaker of the US Chamber Nancy Pelosi from Fornelli, the writer of Guardialfiera Francesco Jovine and the actor John Lynchmother of Trivento.

Curious to note how in one of the historical films of the nineties, the timeless ‘Goodfellas’, De Niro starred alongside another famous Moliseian such as Paul Sorvino, father of Mira who a few years later also won an Academy statuette .

But as mentioned, everyone has their own personal list, like the one published some time ago by the journalist and professor Roberto Colellaor the one available on the site of Forche Caudineor the publication of the magazine of the Arturo Giovannitti Foundation (photo below).

famous giovannitti molisani foundation

Drawing inspiration from those, Primonumero publishes two, dividing the celebrities between those still alive and those who are no longer there but have left an indelible trace of themselves.


  • Elio Germano – actor – father originally from Duronia
  • John Lynch – actor – mother originally from Trivento
  • Robert De Niro – actor – great-grandfather from Ferrazzano
  • Antonello Venditti – singer – Molise father from Campolieto
  • Sergio Castellitto actor – father originally from Campobasso
  • Serena Rossi – actress and singer – parents from Montefalcone nel Sannio
  • Tony Vaccaro – photographer – born in the USA but then moved to Bonefro
  • Paul Sorvino – actor – mother of Casacalenda
  • Mira Sorvino – actress – Casacalenda
  • Antonio Cornacchione – comedian – originally from Montefalcone nel Sannio
  • Chiara Gamberale – writer – original family of Agnone
  • Domenico De Masi – sociologist – originally from Rotello
  • Antonio Di Pietro – judge and minister – originally from Montenero di Bisaccia
  • Don DeLillo – writer – parents from Montagano
  • Emilio Gentile – historian – originally from Bojano
  • Neri Marcorè – actor and conductor – mother originally from Montenero di Bisaccia
  • Nancy Pelosi – US Camera speaker – mother originally from Fornelli
  • Alessandra Mastronardi – actress – father originally from Agnone
  • Luca Laurenti – actor – original parents Bagnoli del Trigno and Salcito
  • Maria Di Biase – comedian – originally from Bonefro
  • Domenico Iannacone – journalist – originally from Torella del Sannio
  • Greta Ferro – model – originally from Campobasso
  • Vito Gamberale manager – original family of Agnone
  • Roberto D’Alimonte – political scientist – Guglionesi
  • Maria Rosaria Russo – actress – originally from Termoli
  • Gabriele Muccino – director – family originally from Salcito
  • Silvio Muccino – director-actor – originally from Salcito
  • Edoardo Siravo – actor – family from Roccaravindola
  • Giulio Base – actor – mother originally from Mirabello Sannitico
  • Herbert Ballerina – comedian – originally from Campobasso
  • Massimo Ciavarro – actor – family from Salcito
  • Stefano Sabelli – actor, director – originally from Campobasso
  • Giorgio Careccia – actor – originally from Campobasso
  • Tony Dallara singer originally from Campobasso
  • Giuseppe Tabasso – journalist – originally from Campobasso
  • Fedele La Sorsa – sports journalist – originally from Termoli
  • Ariana Grande – singer – Gildone’s original great-grandparents
  • Maccio Capatonda – comedian – mother originally from Montenero di Bisaccia
  • Paolo Di Paolo – photographer – Larino
  • Basso Cannarsa – photographer – Termoli
  • Pasquale Gravina – volleyball player – Campobasso
  • Giuseppe Rossi – football player – mother of Acquaviva d’Isernia
  • Patrick Cutrone – footballer – father of Campobasso
  • Alberto Aquilani – footballer – Filignano’s grandparents
  • Mirco Antenucci – footballer – Roccavivara
  • Matias Vecino – footballer – grandparents from Torella del Sannio
  • Maria Centracchio – judoka – Isernia
  • Alice Pasquini – artist – grandparents of Civitacampomarano
  • Ignazio Visco – economist – original Colli al Volturno family
  • Rocco Sabelli – manager – Agnone
  • Andrea Mascolo – horse breeder – San Giacomo degli Schiavoni
  • Ettore Maria Colombo – journalist – Termoli
  • Elena D’Amario – dancer – mother of Termoli
  • Valerio Farina – stylist – Termoli
  • Antonio Forcione – musician – Montecilfone
  • Luca Ciarla – musician – Termoli
  • Cristina D’Avena – singer – father from Termoli
  • Toquinho – grandfather singer originally from Toro
  • Stefano Benni – writer and playwright mother originally from Baranello
  • Francesca Colavita – scientific researcher – Campobasso


  • Fred Bongusto (singer) originally from Campobasso
  • Flavio Bucci (actor) father from Casacalenda
  • Aldo Biscardi (journalist) originally from Larino
  • Antonio Cardarelli (doctor) originally from Civitanova del Sannio
  • Benito Jacovitti (cartoonist) originally from Termoli
  • Eddie Lang (musician) parents originally from Monteroduni
  • Celestino V (Pope) originally from Sant’Angelo Limosano
  • Mario Lanza (musician) father originally from Filignano
  • Francesco Jovine (writer) originally from Guardialfiera
  • Frank Monaco (photographer) parents from Cantalupo del Sannio
  • Vincenzo Cuoco (writer and political scientist) originally from Civitacampomarano
  • Arturo Giovannitti (trade unionist) originally from Ripabottoni
  • Gino Marotta (artist) originally from Campobasso
  • Gaetano Scardocchia (journalist) originally from Campobasso
  • Vincenzo Tiberio (doctor) originally from Sepino
  • José Greco (dancer) originally from Montorio nei Frentani
  • Giovanni Boccardi (astronomer) originally from Castelmauro
  • Aldo Masciotta – fencer – Casacalenda
  • Roberto Rivelino – football player – Macchiagodena
  • Fratelli d’Inzeo – Olympic athletes – Montecilfone
  • Mino Pecorelli – journalist – Sessano del Molise
  • Giose Rimanelli – writer – Casacalenda
  • Mario Tanassi – politician – Ururi

To these we add two names as unconfirmed sources refer to Molise roots, namely the stylist Laura Biagiotti and the American singer Dean Martin, originally from Abruzzo but according to some of a Molise mother.

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