Elvis starring Austin Butler and Tom Hanks

The film is told from the point of view of Colonel Tom Parker, played by Tom Hanks who used to be Elvis’ manager. He tells the story of how he met Elvis and how he took everyone by surprise.

The film covers from his childhood to when he died and in a very incredible way.

That yes, it has the most style of director Baz Luhurmann with moving cameras and aerial shots and extravagant editing until the end turns dark.

Austin Butler’s performance becomes the king of rock n roll, Butler shows that he took pains to convey the same emotions of the character. The film humanizes Elvis, where he goes beyond just being a singer. It is painful to know that this singer was never able to live the life that he always dreamed of.

Listening to Elvis all these years and seeing the music he has made with a lot of love, I feel that he was a close friend.

This film made us think about how Elvis gave everything to the world with his music, lost almost everything along the way but still gave us what is today his legacy, his music and his culture. The movie showed the true piece of how Elvis lived a lonely life in his later years, in the end, he died alone. I wish we could see a happy ending but Elvis left us his music and a lot of inspiration through the years

On the technical side, the score, photography and costumes are very incredible. perfectly adapted to the times and to what happened in real life.

Rating: 10/10

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