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Duolingo, an American educational technology company that creates apps for language learning, has joined the metaverse. The popular app is driving game developers to create their own language learning content on Decentraland’s virtual blockchain environment and Roblox gaming platform.

Duolingo language learning app now speaks #Metaverse After its pet achieved meme status, Duolingo made its official foray into the metaverse. The popular app encourages game developers to create their own language learning content on #Decentraland Y #Roblox . #NFT #web3

Duolingo made the decision to take advantage of the virtual environment to improve its educational and language learning programs by making it more innovative.

The brand noticed that Roblox players had created their own Duolingo-themed avatars in the virtual environment, footage of their gameplay had millions of views on YouTube. Duolingo, in partnership with digital marketing company MediaMonks, responded by launching a game jam in which developers can submit their games to be featured in virtual space. As of this writing, the brand has handpicked roughly two dozen developer-created games to feature in the Duolingo space. Currency earned in games can be used to purchase Duo-branded virtual merchandise, including backpacks, hats, bodysuits and masks.

I can’t believe I built a whole game @roblox
just to make sure you do your lesson https://roblox.com/games/9726345231/Duolingo-Game-Hub…

While Duolingo is the first language education company to establish itself on Roblox, it is the latest in a series of companies to launch similar content in virtual reality, including ImmersiveVR, MondlyVR, and VirtualSpeech. According to sources, the emerging virtual environment may represent a market of 800,000 million dollars in the coming years.

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According to James Kuczynski, creative director of branding and marketing at Duolingo:

Traditionally, brands that are active in the metaverse create their own environments or worlds for others to engage in. However, in the case of Duolingo, a brand loved by many including Roblox, we wanted to create an experience that would give fans the power to create something with our brand and the beloved owl character, Duo, that they could enjoy and share with friends

At Decentraland, the brand put up a billboard which shows the owl holding a notification, reminding users of the mobile app’s daily lesson.

Source: https://blog.cryptoflies.com/duolingo-enters-the-metaverse-with-duolingo-game-hub/

Main Image: thedrum.com

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