Di Napoli: “Cristiano Ronaldo will come to Serie A”

Arturo Di Napoli spoke of the return to Serie A of the Portuguese forward Cristiano Ronaldo: “I am convinced that he will come”.

Arturo of Naplesformer Inter and Napoli, spoke to TMW Radio’s microphones about the moment that Serie A teams live in the transfer market: “I consider Lukaku a great footballer, he plays the ward on his own but you have to put him in a position to make the most of it. Lukaku, even for how he returned, has a big responsibility towards the whole Inter world. If put in the conditions, he is one of the strongest in circulation. It’s true, Conte motivated him a lot, but I’d choose him. Vlahovic? Last year Juve had a confusion in terms of management and tactics. “

Furthermore, Di Napoli adds: “We will find another Juve and therefore also another Vlahovic. The experience of last year has served both the team and the management. And it is no small thing. Juve have very specific rules, in the long run this will make the difference. Osimhen has very great skills and if he has many requests this must make us reflect. Ronaldo? I believe that Christian will come to Serie A, more precisely to Roma, Mourinho will be decisive“The former Napoli striker concluded.

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