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In 2003, a comedy starring Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler was released. In the plot, he suffers from jealousy and generates aggression, being sentenced to anger control therapy.
How good it would be if many could receive intensive treatment from Dr. Buddy Rydell (the psychiatrist in the film) or from someone (psychologist, coach) who taught how to raise emotional intelligence, recognize the causes of dangerous emotions (because they trigger behaviors harmful) and manage them properly. There are many crazy people with anger, this generates a high percentage of injuries and homicides that are caused by inadequate emotional management and loss of control.

In December an unforgettable friend died, a great journalist: Eliecer Santanilla Martínez, father of a little boy who will grow up seeing photos and listening to stories, because his father’s embrace and his protective hand have gone. Why did it happen? According to versions, due to loss of control in those who were chatting on that fateful morning of December 14. He was young, with a great present and a promising future, a family and many friends who admire him… he left, out of madness of anger. Hopefully the Prosecutor’s Office is carrying out a rigorous investigation and the judge generates an exemplary ruling… No more impunity, no more silence…

The week before, a young woman lost her life. She was killed by Alberto Lisandro Vielma (at only 27 years old). He was her romantic partner. The same hands of hers that caressed her, violated her in a fit of rage, the result of her jealousy. She ripped her existence from him and buried her body in the same house they lived in! Finding himself discovered, he confessed, without shame, without pain…even feeling justified…madness!

They recorded the judicial news: “Deicy Viviana Aldana Torres was sent to jail, who apparently murdered a man causing multiple wounds with an ax in the face.” It is said “apparently” to avoid incurring slander or something similar, however, the evidence is eloquent. They are isolated events in a long chain of abuses, irrational behaviors and petty situations, which are repeated and repeated. With the femicide, the phrase “not one less” lost its meaning, became an echo of bewilderment, fear and impotence.

What’s going on? Neither men nor women; neither young nor adults; no one should die unless it is their time and life itself so determines. As a society we have to focus on what is happening, review mental and emotional health, give people tools to improve in this aspect, because in addition to subtracting harmony and quality of life from each one… it is taking lives, too many.

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