Champions League final actress Camila Cabello peed her pants during the performance


Camila Cabello admitted that she “pissed” in her dress during the Champions League final show because she was extremely horny.

The singer was given the grand task of leading the opening ceremony before Real Madrid beat Liverpool 1-0 at the Stade De France. The performance was not well received and Cabello was upset that fans continued to sing throughout the show, with some even booing the entire time.

She may have been slightly frustrated after the show, but she was so excited before the event took place that she even admitted that she peed in her dress. But luckily for her Cabello, she wasn’t visible as millions of people were watching around the world.

Cabello posted a video of his performance on his Instagram and said: “UEFA Finals Opening Ceremony! It was so hot that I peed a little bit with my dress! “

But her latest post didn’t make fans forget that she initially lashed out at Real Madrid and Liverpool fans. Cabello sent out a few frustrated tweets after the final whistle, but quickly deleted them when they started getting some hate.

Camila Cabello quickly deleted her tweets

Camila Cabello quickly deleted her tweets

“Playing our performance and I can’t believe people were singing their team’s anthem so loud during our performance. As my team and I have worked tirelessly for so long to bring the right vibes and put on a good show, ”she wrote.

Before adding: “Very rude but whatever. I’m glad you guys liked each other ”. The tweet was quickly deleted. A source told Metro: “It was deleted because someone who has access to Camila’s account posted it with the intention of posting on their account.”

Camila Cabello performed in front of the millions before the Champions League final

Camila Cabello performed in front of the millions before the Champions League final

The “Senorita” singer backtracked even further by posting a tweet praising the “electric” energy of the crowd. “This was something I will never forget !!!!!!! Dream moment for all of us! Thanks UEFA @ChampionsLeague and @PepsiGlobal, we are so honored to be part of such a great #PepsiShow game, ”she tweeted.

Adding: “I grew up watching football with my family and the energy in there was SO ELECTRIC that I enjoyed watching it so much afterwards as well. Thanks so much to my team, dancers, musicians and creatives who worked so hard on this show! !! “


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