Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez buy a mansion in Bel Air

When Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck resumed their relationship, we believed that it would only be momentary and that from one moment to another each one would take different paths, but we were really wrong because apparently they are destined to be together.

And what better way to make it clear that their love is stronger every day than buying a huge mansion to move in together. Now JLo and Ben already have their huge and not at all humble little love nest.

Ben affleck and Jennifer lopez mansion

According to information from the TMZ site, the couple has already paid the deposit for their new love nest, which is an estate called Bellagio Estate and has 1,830 square meters completely designed with maximum comfort and elegance.

The house was built in 1936 and has since been renovated several times. It currently has three levels and 10 rooms with 17 bathrooms, as well as a huge movie theater, a wine cellar, a basement with a media room, a gym, as well as its own quarters for security personnel.

Ben affleck and Jennifer lopez mansion

Plus, it includes a guest house and if that’s not enough, it also has four on-site kitchens: the main one, one for catering, one in the guest house, and one more outdoors in the back. Speaking of the back, there’s a swimming pool. infinitygardens and a lawn that gives it a beautiful appeal.

Ben affleck and Jennifer lopez mansion

As for the main room, well, there the couple will be able to enjoy a luxury suite with double bathrooms and a huge closet in which “The Bronx diva” will be able to store her expensive and luxurious outfits and accessories.

The house was originally priced at $65 million, but the couple struck a great deal and got it for $50 million. For businessmen and celebrities it is a great offer, but for mortals, it is an amount that we may never see.

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