Will Smith wins an award and is scalded on social media

Three months ago, actor Will Smith starred in one of the most relevant controversies in the history of the Oscar Awards by slapping comedian Chris Rock during his live presentation, in front of millions of people. After being disowned by the press and punished by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the actor has once again positioned himself in the media eye by emerging victorious at the BET Awards, awards that were held on Sunday, June 26, at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California.

The American actor was awarded for his leading role in the film ‘The Williams Method’, a film that also won the award for ‘Best Film’ of the year, thus adding a new award to his long list of awards that includes an Oscar and a Golden Globe. However, despite all the controversy caused by the slap he gave the comedian, the actor did not attend the ceremony to receive the award in person.

In this film, directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green, Will Smith plays Richard Williams, the father and representative of the stars of the world of tennis, Serena and Venus Williams. And although his performance has been praised since the premiere of the film, since he managed to show a great acting level by bringing such a controversial character to life, the truth is that his followers still do not forgive him that he has ruined his night and the of many actors with its terrible violent action, after Chris Rock made a bad joke about Jada Pinkett-Smith’s alopecia, generating a tense atmosphere at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.

Due to the decision of the organizers of the BET Awards, who allowed Will Smith to be nominated in the ‘Best Actor’ category, hundreds of people have reacted on social networks, turning the last acting victory of the ‘Man in Black’ actor ‘ in trend. One netizen joked, “I see Will Smith won a BET award and I didn’t realize they added a ‘Best Slap’ category,” while another added, “Will Smith should be at the BET Awards with Chris Rock.” . Another netizen, through Twitter, commented: “At least he didn’t attack anyone this time. Hopefully he got to enjoy this win,” with another backing him up by saying, “All of his awards are tarnished now…he’s going to have to talk about this unless he plans early retirement.”

However, a large number of people have come out in defense of the writer, these being the most prominent comments on social networks: “BET should have done something for Will Smith, to show that they had his back. Do what they did for Chris,” “Thanks to BET for not disparaging #WillSmith. Congratulations Rey!”, “He made a mistake, nobody is perfect, but that cannot take away from the incredible actor he is.” For the moment, the actor has not been able to regain the trust of all his fans, but he is trying to improve his attitude through deep spiritual introspection.

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